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Cooking up a new look for Feather Down Farms

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We are James and Dries, a Belgian and a Dutchman. We are business partners and we run Feather Down. Between us we have been here since its start. And as you can see, we love pizza night at the farm.

We decided earlier this year to start on a complete overhaul of Feather Down’s look - a new website, new photos, new words and a new logo. We absolutely loved the old hand-drawn logo that Feather Down has had for nearly 20 years but unfortunately it was becoming too fiddly for the digital age we live in.

Along with those changes comes a new ethos for Feather Down…well, not really a new one but a return to our original ethos. Feather Down Farms was there at the birth of ‘glamping’, glamorous camping - indeed, the Oxford English Dictionary records the first usage of the word in 2005 when we launched. But now in 2021, in our opinion, ’glamping’ is an over-used term that covers not just tents but tree houses, shepherds huts and all manner of bizarre structures.

So with this change in our looks, we are going back to how we started, that is as a simple, stripped back, small-scale holiday that allows busy families to get away from the stresses of daily life. To a place in the countryside, hosted by a farmer, free from electricity and wi-fi, where everyone can re-connect with each other and with nature.

We believe such an experience is as vital in 2021 as it was back then, perhaps even more so.

That’s why we say:

Escape to a simpler life with Feather Down Farms

We are now ready to show you our new look. You can find it here. We hope you like it and we look forward to welcoming you on our farms again in 2022.