As Content Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for converting traffic to our website by:

- Creating engagement on our social media channels (organic and paid).

- Writing blogs that excite and generate traffic.

- Building appropriate landing pages that keep people on our site.

- Writing newsletters and setting up databases for e-mail campaigns.

- Creating content for search (organic and paid).

- Joint responsibility for the application of our new Feather Down ‘tone of voice’.

Person specification

- You have good communications skills, both written and verbal.

- You know the UK, its culture, geography and daily life.

- You can write great copy to bring out the ‘Feather Down feeling’ in everything we say.

- You are creative as we don’t want to say things the same way each time

- You have a feel for our product and understand the mentality of a typical Feather Down guest

- Experience with e-mail software and content management systems are a ‘must’

- You can work under your own steam but also as part of an international team

Some of the benefits of the role

- Free holidays at our fab farms

- 25 days holiday (based on a full time role)

- Competitive compensation

- Flexible working week (3 to 5 days)

- Salaried or freelance basis

- Remote working with at least one day a week at a shared workspace in London