Gift card terms and conditions

1. Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from issue date. The booking must be made within this time, but the stay can fall outside of it.

2. Gift cards are only valid on new bookings and can not be used for bookings that have already been made or to settle the remaining payment.

3. If the total value of your stay at a Feather Down Farm is greater than the Gift Card, the excess is the responsibility of the Gift Card holder.

4. Gift Cards will be deducted from the total value of the stay at point of booking.

5. If booking online, you must enter the unique reference number into the relevant section of the booking screen. If phoning to redeem, please say you are using the Gift Card and quote the unique reference number.

6. Gift Cards may only be redeemed once, cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

7. All stays are subject to availability

8. Gift vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any discount codes or marketing offers.

9. A maximum of two gift vouchers can be used on a single booking. If you want to use two gift vouchers at the same time, you'll need to contact our customer care team on 01420 80804, before placing the booking online.

10. Terms & Conditions are subject to change. Our booking terms apply.