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Enjoy a family friendly holiday in The Netherlands; a holiday to treasure

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Family friendly adventure

Did you know we have farms located across Europe, with 15 farms in The Netherlands? As you can imagine, every element of Dutch life is covered so let Feather Down show you everything this wonderful country has to offer. So pop down to the Eurotunnel and let Feather Down show you all that the Netherlands has to offer for a family holiday.

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Going without electricity is our greatest luxury!

Your canvas hideaway consists of three bedrooms, equipped with premium, unbelievably comfortable mattresses. You will find a spacious double bed, a cosy cupboard bed, and a handy bunk bed, ideal for up to 5 adults and a child up to 12 years old. Your kitchen is also fully equipped, guaranteeing the tastiest meals on your own wood-burning stove, and don't forget your own flushing toilet and private shower.

Your perfect break awaits

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You won't regret it!

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