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The Feather Down Farms

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Why farming
matters today

Without farms we would have no food, of course. But also without farms there would be no rural economy and little stewardship of our countryside.

These are tricky times for UK agriculture. Organisations like Feather Down Farms give farmers a means of diversifying their income.

And through us they can showcase to a wider audience what benefits they bring to society.

What's unique about Feather Down Farms

Check Get back to basics
Check Learn where your food comes from
Check Helping the rural economy
Check The original and best

How you are helping
our farmers

Just your presence on a Feather Down farm means you are boosting the incomes of farmers and their families.

Not only that but you are doing your bit for the local economy, sustaining the village pubs and local producers.

Everyone comes back from a Feather Down Farm holiday with a better appreciation of how the countryside works and what you can do in your everyday world to help sustain these traditional ways of life.

Our educational mission

In a recent survey it emerged that one in five primary school children did not know where milk came from. At Feather Down Farms we have always regarded it as part of our mission to help everyone understand how food gets from farm to fork. That’s why we encourage guests to ask the farmer questions whether on a farm tour or just as they are passing by.

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Why choose Feather Down Farms for your holiday?

Check Farmers make all the difference
Check Small scale holidays
Check An authentic experience
Check Adventures outdoors

Our organisation

Originally ‘made in the Netherlands’, you’ll find our HQ there too.

There are native speakers there for each market we serve as well as local marketing experts based in each country.

All our farms

See where our farms are located
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Beautiful locations in multiple countries

Did you know there were Feather Down farms in other countries?

Why not branch out in 2022 and explore Europe with us.

Get to know our farmers

You won't regret it!

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