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The Feather Down Farms

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Where glamping originated

The Feather Down Farms concept was developed originally by Luite Moraal, a veteran of Disney and Center Parcs, 20 years ago. Luite wanted to bring a new form of luxury camping to the UK, and it was a journalist staying on a Feather Down farm that used the word "glamping" for the first time.

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How it all started: the original glamping pioneers

Glamping is a form of camping that combines elements of traditional camping with amenities and luxuries typically found in hotels. The term is a portmanteau of "glamorous camping" and typically involves staying in structures such as tents, equipped with comfortable furniture, bedding, and flushing toilets. The goal of glamping is to offer a unique outdoor experience with a focus on comfort, convenience, and luxury; it allows people to experience nature and wildlife while also having access to modern amenities. At Feather Down farms, your canvas hideaway is modelled on the simple interior of a typical farm-house from the 19th century, with many luxuries added.

The first farm to open in the UK in 2006 was Manor Farm in Hampshire and they are still with us. Sadly Luite passed away in 2011 but by then, Feather Down had expanded to France and Germany as well as Holland and the UK.

Now in 2023, Feather Down can be found in over 75 farms all across Europe where we have welcomed over 200,000 guests in nearly 20 years.

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Our organisation

Originally ‘made in the Netherlands’, you’ll find our HQ there too.

There are native speakers there for each market we serve as well as local marketing experts based in each country. For the UK, we have specific members of staff to look after your bookings, our UK farms and our local marketing to ensure you have the best farm stay possible.

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