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Discover our latest farm, Ameland Farm! There are sheep, cows, horses and cats and dogs to meet, as well as a goose shelter which looks after poorly birds. You can feed the sheep and chickens, and learn all about the breeding season of grassland birds and local wildlife. Children will love helping the friendly farmer with the other animals too. The farm is about 3km from the beach (ask farmer Douwer for a shorter route) and can be reached by ferry from the mainland. Take your car with you or hire bicycles locally. Please Note: Due to COVID-19, reservation on the ferry boat is required and shall be done asap as the ferry will have less capacity.

Activities on the farm:

Ameland farm is a traditional Frisian farmhouse, a classic Dutch style which dates back to the 1600s. It boasts panoramic views out over the pretty village of Hollum, and you can see both the dunes and the dike. As always in the Netherlands, the best way to explore is by bike, so why not rent one from the farm?  If you prefer to take in the sights by foot, there are plenty of walking routes. What’s more, a magical forest and sprawling golf course are both just 3km from the farm. It is possible to rent bikes through the farmer, either on-site or in advance. Arrange with Douwe in advance and he can arrange for the bicycles to be on the dock in Nes and for your luggage to be delivered to the farm!

Explore the area:

Beyond the farm, in Ameland itself, there is plenty to do. A great option for a family day out is the nearby Maritime Centre. Here, you can watch a demonstration of the last horse-drawn lifeboat in Europe. 10 horses pull a lifeboat through the village and down into the surf. Not to be missed! The lighthouse is also worth a visit! After that you can treat yourselves to some pancakes at the restaurant at the bottom of the lighthouse.

The advantage of a Feather Down Farm location on a North Sea island is that the beach is never far away. Why not spend a lovely afternoon at the beach, you might even spot seals out in the open sea.


Ameland Farm

Unwind in Ameland … and book your glamping holiday at Ameland Farm.

Pay attention! If you intend to come to Ameland by car, the crossing must be booked in advance and booked with the relevant organization. If you don’t bring your car (and take a bus or rent a bike on the peninsula) there is no problem.


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    In the breeding season I can familiarise you with the meadow birds and whatever else I know from nature. Or, come and feed the chickens and help out on the farm. We welcome you to our Dutch farmhouse!

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