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These stays are ideal for holidays with children

Glamping is a treat that can be enjoyed by all ages. Feather Down makes glamping all about the family, and our holidays are designed to be easy and stress-free even if you have young children. You can enjoy a real family holiday with your children in many of our locations in the UK and we offer two types of stays/concepts: Feather Down.

With Feather Down, you stay at the farm in unique places in the countryside. When you stay with Feather Down, you will get a tour of the farm done by your hosts the day after your arrival, you are also welcome to participate in pizza evening. You will find in each Feather Down farm an honesty shop with regional products, meat, fruits, and fresh vegetables.

Children will have plenty of time to frolic in the meadows and fields, swim in the river or lake, to make a cabin in the woods or to play in the straw… If you stay on a farm, the children will be able to feed and cuddle the animals, go on a horse or donkey ride, and many other things! At most of our Feather Down farms, you can look after your own chicken, rabbit or guinea pig during your stay, which teaches little ones about caring for an animal! You can even request to have your own private chicken coop right next to your accommodation. You can collect eggs from the chicken coop together, and nothing tastes better than a freshly laid egg!

Additionally, some farms in the UK are organic and after a few days spent on the farm, the children will rediscover the values of healthy and organic food!

Clos Bed Un Lit Au PréHow is Feather Down suitable for the little ones?

Children will love the unusual accommodations at Feather Down. This huge tent with its wooden floor recalls the magic tent of the Weasleys in Harry Potter. They will appreciate waking up in the morning with the song of birds, participating in races to the honesty shops to pick up food, and fetching wood for the stove. They will love family evenings even more by playing a board game by the candlelight or outside around a campfire to roast marshmallows.

Children get the freedom of being outside with all the new experiences of a farm stay. With woodland walks, beautiful bike rides using child seats (where available), and places to paddle, there is no end to the entertainment on a Feather Down farm. The cupboard bed remains a favorite place for children in the tent. In the past, animals would sleet in this enclosed space to warm their shepherd. Now it is transformed into a comfortable bed that can accommodate two children under 12 or 1 adult.

The little extras:Glamping Corse

You can rent equipment for children (child’s cot, high chairs, fireguard, etc.).

There are real toilets in the tent, cold running water in the kitchen, and a choice of shower in the The Canvas Lodge.

Our tents have two bedrooms and there is room to put an extra cot in the parents’ room or in the room with bunk beds.

Seasonal activities

Throughout the year, we organize activities for the whole family in every season. There is in particular an Easter-themed weekend with an egg hunt, painting workshops, etc. To see all the activities and participating farms click here.