What is “glamping” you might ask? Glamping is a blend of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. If you think about camping, the first things that come to mind are a tent, air mattresses, gas cooker and communal showers. At Feather Down Farms we thought ‘We can do better!’ The Feather Down Glamping concept combines the cosy feeling of camping with the luxury of a cottage. No stress about setting up tents, leaky air mattresses or scurrying across the camping site with a roll of toilet paper; instead the pure luxury of high-quality mattresses, a well-equipped kitchen and a private shower and toilet.

Comfortable stay during a Glamping holiday on the farm!

Inside Feather Down accommodations you create warmth by lighting the wood stove, optimally positioned in the middle of the tent. In the morning, you fill the stove with logs and enjoy the warmth that gradually spreads through the tent. Bake or boil your eggs and put a kettle on the stove for a fresh cup of Earl Grey. Prefer coffee? For a delicious cup of coffee you can grind espresso beans in the coffee mill! The kitchen is well-stocked with everything you could need: pots, mugs, glasses, plates and cutlery. For groceries, you walk to the nearby Honesty Shop that’s present on every Feather Down Farm site. Here you can find the basic provisions such as milk, butter, eggs, fruit and vegetables, wine, pasta, oil and coffee. As much produce as possible is grown or produced on the farm itself! During the evening, you can use the wood stove again to prepare dinner, or try cooking outside, on your very own barbecue.

Feather down glamping

Why should you stay at a Feather Down glamping site?

  • The interior consists of a rustic dining area, a comfortable sofa and a cool box.
  • The tent is warmly lit by candles, enhancing the cosy, rustic feel.
  • You can be sure of a great night’s sleep at Feather Down Farms, as our beds have satisfyingly high-quality mattresses and fluffy duvets.
  • During your holiday at the farm, children can play in a safe environment and are surrounded by farm animals.

Guests of all ages will be bound to have a good time and each location offers something different to learn and discover. This explains why our average customer ratings are at an average of 9.5/10!

Extras at Feather Down Farms – from a bunny to cuddle to a Hot Tub

To make your stay with Feather Down even more memorable, it is possible to book some extras. For example, you can request a private bunny for your children to cuddle during your glamping holiday. Alternatively, book your own private hot tub for the perfect place to unwind in the evening. Are you coming with a large group? No problem, just book our 10-person tent. Perfect for family holidays, hen and stag parties or a corporate event.

Discover the Feather Down feeling while enjoying a Glamping holiday on the farm!

When staying in a luxury tent at the Feather Down Farms site, you can take a peek into the world of farming by participating in a farm tour, feeding the animals or collecting your own eggs for breakfast. However, you can also opt to stay at a Collection location, which is a slightly different experience. Collection locations are all about pure enjoyment, a special holiday with family or friends at an exclusive location without all the ‘jazz’. At a Collection location you won’t find the regular Feather Down activities, such as Pizza Night and the Farm Tour, as these holidays give you all the time to yourselves to really get away from it all, relax and enjoy the location. Read more about the Feather Down farm feeling.

The benefits of glamping over camping

For many, glamping is a lifestyle but it is also a way for people to connect to nature without compromising the comfort of modern-day life. With Feather Down, we believe in an eco-friendly holiday where there are sustainable elements incorporated into our concept. You simply enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of technology! There is no electricity or hot water. Light comes from the candles and oil lamps in your accommodation, and cooking is done on the rustic wood-fired stove. In other words, our type of glamping focuses on the fun of camping without having to deal with the uncomfortable aspects of it! Be sure to visit one of our locations either in the UK or Europe.