– Thursday, April 23, 2020 –

5 great reasons to stay on a farm in the Feather Down network

Where will you be heading to after the coronavirus crisis? There is a chance we might not travel as normal for a while, but there is no question that we still want to. Not to worry! Booking a holiday with FeatherDown will give you the incentive of greater freedom while remaining respectful to local guidelines. Here are a few great reasons why a glamping holiday with us is the perfect holiday destination after coronavirus.

  • Private accommodation

When you come to stay at Feather Down, you will benefit from a dedicated accommodation that are fairly spaced out from other accommodation, i.e. The Canvas Lodge or Log Cabin for 4 or 6 people with kitchen, living room, toilets, bedrooms, shower or bathroom. There is room for the whole family! After weeks confined to your home, nothing will be more invigorating than changing the air and routine that has become established by staying in the countryside in our unusual accommodation without WiFi or electricity. 

  • Remote destinations

Ilfracombe Glamping In England A Bed In The MeadowThe farms in the Feather Down network were chosen with care. Each site is placed in the heart of a dreamlike nature, far from the crowds and the city. Glamping holidays on the farm are there to allow you to disconnect, relearn how to live simply and find yourself with friends and family. As a result, our destinations are located in the countryside, in sparsely populated places. So you are not likely to meet many other tourists.

  • Near your home

With more than 70 destinations, you will always find a farm near your home. No need to take the plane or the train, just a few hours by car to reach the farm. The planning of your stay will, therefore, be simpler and safer. In addition, by staying with Feather Down you travel nearby and will be supporting your local farms and local businesses!

  • Privacy

Farmers and hosts will only welcome a few families per farm. The accommodations are far apart from each other to give you enough privacy from the other guests staying on-site.

  • Space for children

After spending weeks at home, children will need to set aside the television and computer screens and play outside. In our locations, they will have plenty of time to frolic in the meadows and fields, to swim in the river or lake, to make a cabin in the woods, or to play in the straw. Furthermore, farm animals will be there! They can feed them, cuddle them, take a ride on horseback, or on a donkey. This outdoor and adventurous holiday with animals will do them a lot of good!

Measures taken on farms: Our hosts will apply barrier gestures and guests are to respect social distancing. The tents have always been thoroughly cleaned after each stay and your hosts/farmers will continue to do so with extra care because of the current situation. The farm will be visited by guests only (outside visitors will not be allowed onsite) and the pizza evening will take place under certain conditions (the planning of this evening varies depending on the farm).

Glamping with Feather Down is a great alternative for holidays in peace in the current situation. You will benefit from an unusual farm holiday surrounded by nature and animals. Discover the surrounding countryside, take advantage of all this space available to you and breathe in the fresh countryside air during a good walk or bike ride!