Discover the Feather Down feeling on the best-loved family glamping holiday in the UK and abroad

The Feather Down feeling

You can enjoy the countryside at some of the most gorgeous farm and country estate locations in the UK, and discover the Feather Down feeling.

During your family holiday, as well as enjoying yourself you will be able to take a peek into the world of farming. Feather Down farms are only located on working farms.

Our farms have a limited number of tents so you and your family can enjoy a feeling of seclusion. Many are placed in lovely countryside just waiting to be explored, and some are even situated within designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Feather Down tents are very spacious and comfortable, with an authentic decor that recalls the rural life of days gone by.

The Canvas Lodge (private and ensuite shower) has been upgraded, gaining a canopy that extends the living space out in front of the tent. The Canvas Lodge has also recently been upgraded, enhancing the luxury of this top-line tent with new wooden decking on which to sit and drink in the surroundings. See below for pictures, plans and details of each accommodation type.

Enjoy the ambiance, without electricity, of elegant lamp- and candlelight-lit evenings, kept toasty by the warmth of the wood-burning stove. Forget about time … Feather Down is intended for anyone who is looking for quality time together far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Why Feather Down’s glamping? For the Feather Down feeling …

Have at look at the gorgeous farm locations from which to choose.

What you will find at the Feather Down locations

The Feather Down feeling on pizza night

During your Feather Down stay, you will discover much about the farm and get to know your farmer hosts and their families. Every Feather Down holiday starts with the farm tour, which will be particular to the type of farm and the outlook of the farmer. It will have been worked on and added to every time so that the one you get is the current best! You will meet all the farm animals and find out all about the farm’s connection to the land on a typical day. You will of course also get to know the way to the farm shop, wood shed and showers.

The farm shop has a special role to play in your holiday, well stocked with everything you need to refuel after a busy day. Trust is important on a Feather Down Farm, so the shop works on an honesty basis. What you take is written up on your household budget list and calculated on your departure. You will always find enough to make a delicious meal on the stove from the shop’s stock, and the ingredients come from the farm itself as much as is possible. Think of the flavour of fresh vegetables from the garden that you can pick yourself, or the unique experience of eating cheese from the farm’s own sheep.

A perfect time to get to know your hosts is during the cosy pizza evening. An old-style oven makes delicious pizza in a rustic fashion appropriate to the surroundings. The table will have been filled with tasty things for the pizza topping and the drinks will be lovely and cold. Your children can create their own pizzas, which the farmer will bake in the old oven. Pizza night is held once per stay and can be booked at the farm. It will be held if there is sufficient interest in terms of numbers wanting to participate.

A family holiday in peace and quiet – more of the Feather Down feeling

The room around your Feather Down tent will give you a real feeling of space in natural surroundings.

You will have the chance to reconnect with your loved ones on this family holiday, whether you’re all mucking in to light the fire or playing a game together. Spending quality time together without everyday distractions is what it’s all about.

Feather Down locations are also a great place to have a group celebration together with friends or family. Think about using Feather Down as a location for your business meeting in order to be in an open, relaxed and unusual environment. A team building experience is also great at a Feather Down Farm, because there are many daily activities that will only run smoothly if you work together as a team!

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