The Canvas Lodge with private outdoor shower

We believe in simplicity, but rest assured you will not be sacrificing luxury when staying in our canvas lodges. At 45m2, our spacious lodges are placed in stunning locations and will meet your need for modern comfort and craving to be close to nature. The Canvas Lodge is suitable for 6 people, 5 adults and 1 child up to 12 years old. Our interior features a fully equipped kitchen with a wood-stove, a living/dining area, outdoor area with BBQ, and three sleeping areas with high-quality mattresses, pillows, bedding and fluffy duvets!

We are all about getting back to the simpler times away from technology and to reconnect with nature and therefore do not have electricity and wi-fi in any of our farms.

We also have a few canvas lodges that are suitable for bigger groups of people – 10p tent and 12p barn.


Imagine having your own private outdoor shower

If you’re a nature lover, there is nothing quite sensational as showering in the midst of nature. Located right next to your tent is where you will find our wooden, rustic private outdoor shower. The illuminated oil lamps and the sky view from the top opening will make your shower much more magical and capture the essence of what we call the “feather down feeling”. Grab your towels and recharge yourself with a warm shower and truly be one with nature. Whether it’s in the morning or after a long day of adventure, this will surely be an experience you will never forget.

Now including towel package per person and a made up double bed upon your arrival. This makes your Feather Down stay even more fun!

Experience the Feather Down Feeling

At Feather Down you will get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience the simpler times away from technology, getting the family together to reconnect with nature. Enjoy the rhythm of the day as your life in the countryside will be guided by nature. Wake up to the sound of the farm animals, collect eggs in the afternoon, dip into our hot tub, and end the day sharing your farm stories by the candlelights or outside by the campfire while roasting marshmallows. A laid back quality time and a true digital detox for everyone!

Fun fact: in some of our farms, the farmer may give you a farm tour upon your arrival and there are often pizza evenings in the weekend too!

The Canvas Lodge features

»A made up double bed
»Our famous cupboard bed and a bunk bed
»Choice of shower
»Own flushing toilet
»Kitchen unit with utensils and running water
»Cool box with cooling elements
»Wood stove including crate of wood per night
»Roofed veranda with picnic table
»BBQ and deck chairs

Also included

»Feather Down Starter package
»Bed linen and duvets
»Towel package per person
»Oil lamps, candles and tea lights
»Honesty shop
»Parking space
»Final cleaning

Starter package

» 1 roll of toilet paper
» Bin bag
» Dish brush & dish liquid
» Kitchen linen
» Matches
» Firelighters

Discover our beautiful farms

1254X700 Layermarney6

Layer Marney Tower

Layer Marney is a farm at a startling historical Tudor location.  Some tents have hot tubs, which can be booked as an extra. This is truly an indulgent way to get back to nature and explore the historical Tudor location.

1254X700 Wyresdale91

Wyresdale Park

With many activities onsite, Wyresdale Park is every child’s idea of paradise. Nearby, Wyresdale lake is the perfect place to boat, paddle and swimming. In the evening you can relax in the hot tub!

1254X700 1

Balnab Whithorn Farm

Located on the Southern tip of the Machars peninsula, the farm boasts green fields and panoramic coastal views. Balnab Whithorn Farm is the ideal location for a family glamping holiday in Dumfries and Galloway.