Lötschental - The perfect destination for your glamping holidays

The Lötschental region, where the idyllic Lonza River winds its way from Langgletscher to the Rhone, is surrounded by numerous mountains over 3,000 meters high. People who live here are called "Lötscher" and they enjoy keeping the traditions of their region alive. There are many churches and chapels in the Lötschental and culture vultures will love visiting Blatten, Ferden, Kippel and Wiler, all of which have plenty of history to offer.

Family holidays in the Lötschental

This is the perfect place to unplug and switch off from your phone and the stresses of life. It is impossible not to feel relaxed waking up in a tent amid a Swiss meadow far from the crowds of tourists and the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Lötschental is the largest valley in southwest Switzerland, it has managed to remain completely unspoiled and in doing so it offers complete relaxation. The main activities are hiking and skiing. As you stroll across the land and alpine meadows you will find a wide variety of wildflowers and herbs growing.

Luxury camping in Switzerland

Karin and Dani Ritler welcome you to Wallis. The sheep farm is located in a small hamlet of 14 inhabitants in a totally preserved slice of paradise. You can access the village of Blatten in 15 minutes on foot. If you prefer to stay completely immersed in your glamping experience, you will find plenty to keep you occupied. Book your stay now and experience the life of a Swiss mountain farmer.