Discover the Feather Down
Seasonal Activities!

The activities on the farm vary per season. When you’ll visit a participating farm on one of the dates mentioned below, you will automatically be entered for these activities and will receive the mentioned extras! Click on the links below for more information and the participating farms.

02 April 2021 Easter Weekend

Easter activities and a complimentary breakfast hamper. click here

21 June 2021: Midsummer Weekend

Summer activities with complimentary marshmallow roasting, snack, and drinks. click here

22 October 2021: Stew Pot Weekend

Receive a complimentary basket of ingredients to make a scrumptious stew! click here

29 October 2021: Halloween Weekend

Halloween is only getting more popular in the UK and Europe! click here

05 November 2021: Bonfire Weekend

Celebrate Guy Fawks and receive a complimentary basket of food and drinks! click here