Wow, what a year! 🤩

2021 was and is also an exceptional year for Feather Down. It seemed as if the whole of the UK wanted to go on holiday with us! Fortunately, many guests have managed to find a place and can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

We have done our best to ensure that you can book your holiday for 2022 now. This way you can be sure of the best date and location for your next adventure. Whether you want to return to your favorite farm or discover Feather Down for the first time, by booking now you are assured of the best dates for your stay in 2022.

golden hour boerderij

"An opportunity for our children to connect with nature, make new friends, play safely outdoors , experience fresh air and sunshine in abundance and for our family to spend time together appreciating farm life and country living. Was just magical and the level of comfort and style made for a terrifically enjoyable few nights spent sleeping under the stars. Can’t rate it highly enough!!!!"

10/10 - Mrs. McLaren for Balnab Whithorn Farm


Flexible Booking

All bookings up to and including 31 August 2021 will benefit from our flexible booking guarantee. This means that you can change the location and/or dates of your booking free of charge up to and including 31 December 2021. This way, you can already secure yourself a spot on the farm, but with the flexibility to adjust your booking.

→ Book before 01 September 2021 and you will benefit from our flexible booking guarantee
→ Free of charge location and/or date changes until 31 December 2021
→ Any surcharge on other dates may apply

"I booked the entire campsite for my family and we all enjoyed a very relaxing and social weekend. The hot tubs were a huge hit, as were the rental chickens, and everyone remarked on how comfortable they found the tents. We really didn't have to think about anything which made our stay that much easier."

10/10 - Dr. Cannon for Layer Marney Tower

Let the anticipation begin!

Reserve your spot now for 2022