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Reasons to choose a Feather Down glamping holiday

What is “glamping” you might ask? Glamping is a blend of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. If you think about camping, the first things that come to mind are a tent, air mattresses, gas cooker and communal showers. At Feather Down Farms we thought ‘We can do better!’ The Feather Down Glamping concept combines the cosy feeling of camping with the luxury of a cottage. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a Feather Down glamping holiday!

1. An authentic and unique glamping holiday

At Feather Down, you’ll stay with the farmer on the farm, experience nature of the countryside and the beauty of the 4 seasons at the doorstep of your luxury accommodations. We believe in an eco-friendly holiday where we incorporate sustainable elements into our concept. There is no electricity or Wi-Fi on site. Light comes from the candles and oil lamps in your accommodation, and cooking is done on the rustic wood-fired stove. At a Feather Down location, our pizza evening, farm tour and honesty shop make your holiday extra special – you can read more about it here.  You can travel to any of our locations and still feel like home as our concept is the same throughout our 65 locations in the UK and Europe. To top it off, all of our locations are carefully selected and are situated within stunning locations!

2. Luxurious and unusual accommodations

Feather Down Glamping

At Feather Down, we have two types of accommodations: The Canvas Lodge and log cabins. Every Feather Down location has its own character, but the accommodations are the same in style and comfort. Our Canvas Lodges comes with either a separate private shower, en-suite bathroom, or a separate private bathroom (coming soon!).  It is also possible to make your glamping holiday extra special by booking your very own hot tub at your disposal! Our accommodations come without electricity or Wi-Fi, and these are replaced with the ambiance of oil lamps and candles, and the heat from a classic style wood burning stove.

The accommodations are fully equipped for up to 6 people (5 adults and 1 child up to 12 years old). Our interior consists of a rustic dining area, a comfortable sofa and a cool box. Tents are warmly lit by candles, enhancing the cosy, rustic feel. You can be sure of a great night’s sleep at Feather Down Farms, as our beds have satisfyingly high-quality mattresses and fluffy duvets!

3. Extras at Feather Down

To make your stay with Feather Down even more memorable, it is possible to book some extras. For example, you can request a private bunny for your children to cuddle during your glamping holiday. Alternatively, book your own private hot tub for the perfect place to unwind in the evening. Are you coming with a large group? No problem, just book our 10-person tent. Perfect for family holidays, hen and stag parties or a corporate event. Here is a list of things you can book as an extra during your Feather Down glamping holiday: (note: extras differ per location)

  • Private Chicken coop
  • Bring your own dog
  • Food
    • Breakfast hampers
    • BBQ boxes
    • Fresh fruit boxes
    • Wine tasing & Afternoon tea – exclusively at Battle Vineyard
  • Child’s cot
  • Child’s high chair
  • Bicycle rent

4. Discover the working farm life


During your holiday, you will take a peek into the world of farming and meet the animals that call it their home! At the start of your family holiday on the farm, the farmer will give you the glamping farm tour, which will be particular to the type of farm& the outlook of the farmer. You will meet all the animals, find out all about the farm’s connection to the land and livestock and what the farmer does on a typical day. The tour might take in pony grooming, goat milking, conservation on the working farm and care for the environment. Sometimes, you’ll be meeting animals days, hours or even minutes after their birth! Your kids will go home full to bursting with stories and knowledge.

You can read more about Agrotourism here.

5. An abundance of farm activities

There is always lots going on the farm that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Instead of being crammed into a crowded holiday park, families who choose a Feather Down holiday will have space to breathe, as our farms only offer around seven luxury tents. This means that even in high season our farmers will be able to give you their full attention, and your children can experience all the activities that a working farm has to offer. You will never hear the words ‘I’m bored!’ on a Feather Down holiday. Kids are free to explore the farm, and there is always something going on. Whether it is a lamb being born, fruit or vegetables to be picked or the farmer needing a hand mowing the meadows, they’ll be spoiled for choice!

Our seasonal activities are the most popular ones yet! You are automatically a part of these activities and will receive the mentioned extras..

  • Easter Weekend: Easter activities and a complimentary breakfast hamper.
  • Midsummer Weekend: Summer activities with complimentary marshmallow roasting, snack, and drinks.
  • Stew Pot Weekend: Receive a complimentary basket of ingredients to make a scrumptious stew!

You can read more about our activities in another blog article here.

6. Homemade meals with local produce during your glamping holiday


At Feather Down, part of the glamping experience is enjoying quality food together Al Fresco. You will cook all meals on the wood-burning stove or the BBQ outside of your tent! All units have the necessary kitchen utensils you need to prepare the family meal. Some farms have a pantry or an Honesty Shop where you can find locally and regionally produced products. You’ll find that cooking becomes a privilege and magical moment of a unique glamping holiday!

Tip: If you don’t feel like cooking, some farms have the option for guests to reserve homecooked meals – made by yours truly: the farmers!

7. You can bring your dog along!

With the rise of dog-friendly holidays, more owners are wondering whether they should just take their dog away with them. It is important to know whether your dog has the right personality or the right behavior when it comes to new environments and unfamiliar destinations. If your dogs are prone to running off without a lead, this can be risky and we would not recommend you to bring them with as this can be a risk to the livestock on the farm. If your dog loves a good adventure and enjoys new sights and smell, there are plenty of Feather Down farms that make the perfect “dog-friendly holiday”!

At Feather Down, we want your holiday to be worry and stress free – so the best way to deal with this situation is to bring your dog to one of our farms! Bringing your dogs along with you can make your glamping holiday much more extraordinary. There will be an abundance of new walks to go on as well as new sights and smells to investigate before your dog returns with you in the evening to finally rest in the tent. With all the stimulation on Feather Down dog-friendly holidays, your dog will sleep better than you! See which of our locations allow dogs here.


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