Prima Baby awards winner, Feather Down glamping holidays!

Prima Baby awards winner: Feather Down

We have just been announced as a Prima Baby awards winner. It is a prestigious Prima Baby award in the Family Holiday UK and Europe category. Prima Baby is the monthly UK pregnancy and parenting magazine launched in 1990, part of the popular website Made For Mums.

The representative of Feather Down was Midgham Farm in Hampshire, exemplifying both the Feather Down style and quality as well as the innovation that allows Feather Down to continue to set the pace.

The award-winning luxury camping UK appeal

Prima Baby awards winner: Feather Down's Midgham FarmMidgham Farm is to be found 5 miles from the New Forest National Park boundary. In forest itself, the choice of Midgham as representative wasn’t one that relied on the wide open landscapes that are usually seen as part of Feather Down’s appeal, most of the 33 UK locations being set in such scenery.

Midgham is quite a Feather Down mainstay, however, with the company for more than 7 years. The farm has changed with the company and the times. It combines with Feather Down in keeping its offer fresh in terms of activities and accommodation while retaining the essential appeal of the company’s stylish but unpretentious way of bringing families to nature for a few nights.

Glamping Hampshire family holiday

Feather Down’s offer is to bring glamping to families by usually being at farm locations that have all sorts of animals for interaction with children who are also able to roam in safety. Midgham is a pony farm that joins many other Feather Down locations beginning the new season with Easter.

tent_forest_midgham_DPP_0306 Bluebells are already showing at Midgham for this glamping UK getaway, lambs and calves are able to be bottle fed by guest families, piglets were born just two days ago and new foals are due in May/June. All Feather Down farms will see a “baby boom” during spring with lambs through April and calves over a longer period.

Children staying at Midgham can help in the stables, play at the goat paddock, pet rabbits or climb ropes, dig with diggers in the sandpits or go fishing. Roe deer can be seen in the forest.

Glamping UK in innovative but unpretentious accommodation

Press-release-midgham-log-cabin-from-side-smallGuests at the farm have as their base any of three of the Feather Down levels of luxury camping accommodation including the year-round log cabin with mezzanine present at Midgham for its first full Feather Down year.

The wooden-floored tents on the farm include the standard 45m2 Canvas Lodge and the 56m2 Canvas Frills Lodge en-suite. The en-suite at Midgham, as all over the country, will have its own decking fitted by June 1st while the standard tent will get the grand look of the en-suite with a new, extended canopy.

All accommodation types retain Feather Down interiors evoking the century before “screens” of any kind, with wood-burning stoves and the Feather Down “cupboard bed”, much enjoyed by guests’ children. The company’s unpretentious log cabin, though, appears to add movie myth to the mix with its rugged exterior offered to a “collective memory” of adventure and frontiers.

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