It's possible with Feather Down!

Most people assume that glamping is only suitable during the summer months. At Feather Down, the luxury camping season is the whole year round! Even during the autumn months, it's possible to enjoy a relaxing stay in a luxury glamping tent or a Log Cabin.

Enjoy a glamping break during half term

During Autumn, nature is a spectacle to witness with its changing and exploding colours. The birds are heading South and the morning dew falls on the grass. The day appears through the misty landscape and the sun shows its best side. After a lovely stroll through the forest during these sunny Autumn days, you can unwind at Feather Down by huddling around the stove in the tents or Log Cabin. Indulge in a cup of hot chocolate and cheese fondue while playing an old-fashioned board game. Or take a dip in the hot tub, which is located next to your tent. Around the tents, you will see the chestnuts and mushrooms appear underneath the fallen leaves. On the farm there's still a lot of work to do: the vegetables are being harvested and the cows are being shaved, ready to be back in the stables. Visit one of the Feather Down farms and experience an unforgettable glamping holiday!

Autumn half term 2017:

  • 21st October to 29th October

The Feather Down farms with tents are open until the 31st of October. Our locations with Log Cabins are available all year round.

A winter glamping break with Feather Down

Where our tents only run from Easter till late October, the Log Cabins are available all year round. For those looking for a peaceful getaway in the colder months, Coach House in Alford, Somerset is the perfect getaway. Or how about celebrating Christmas at Midgham Farm in Fordingbridge, Hampshire where you can spend a cozy Christmas Eve in the cabin and enjoy a lovely stroll through the New Forest on Boxing Day morning.

An introduction to glamping

Glamping is a blend of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Camping usually brings to mind a tent, air mattresses, a gas cooker and communal showers. Feather Down thought ‘We can do better!’ The Feather Down glamping concept combines the cosy feeling of camping with the luxury of a cottage. No stress about setting up tents, leaky air mattresses or scurrying across the camping site with a roll of toilet paper; instead the pure luxury of high-quality mattresses, a well-equipped kitchen, and a private shower and toilet.


European leader in glamping holidays, Feather Down, once again offers its luxurious accommodations at the most beautiful locations in the UK and abroad. Holidays with Feather Down are about getting back to the simple life, without electricity and Wi-Fi. The concept was born over 10 years ago in the Netherlands, and Feather Down now has thousands of customers from all over the UK and Europe; in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the US. An original holiday for families that is all about total relaxation.

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