Feather Down Farms offer special seasonal activity stays and varied activities year-round often with the accent on food


The experience of glamping at a Feather Down working farm has led 35% of people to come again to the European leader in the sector. Part of the appeal of the holidays is that they offer a restful break from routine. The company's stylish accommodation is designed to provide for creature comforts while at the same time being calmingly down-to-earth. Children are able to roam safely as adults rediscover how restful nature can be. But considering how much is going on at the Feather Down locations, clearly much of the appeal is about how active guests can be on these getaways in nature. The start of the season at Easter sees the first special activity of the year.


Easter on a Feather Down farm


Easter activities. Easter weekend at the end of March coincides this year with the opening of the season for the Feather Down tents. Another 32 locations join the log cabin pioneers that stayed on through the winter. To mark the occasion, the company's Easter long weekend "Easter Feaster" special will feature at a selection of farms across the south-east, south-west and the Midlands. On the Sunday, at no extra cost, breakfast ingredients will be provided for each family or group of friends to pitch in on; communal preparation not only consumption and benefitting not only the designated cook at home. An egg painting activity will follow giving Feather Down guests the chance to be as creative as they like, finding the time to do so by being outside of the normal run of things of home.


The Feather Down Easter Weekend 4-night stay starts at £489 for up to six people.


Upper Shadymoor game cooking weekends


Activities and eating at Feather Down. The range of activities at Feather Down locations is broad, from viewing lambing through April to learning about the natural world at a forest school; and from all that goes into pony care, to discovering a landsdcape that started as the AONB view from your tent. There are many options on offer too for the hunger pangs that follow, produce provided by the farms themselves or often sourced locally. A smoke barrel can even be booked for flavourful food as guests teach themselves how at the same time. At Upper Shadymoor Farm in Shropshire, with the “Game On” game cooking sessions, visitors have the chance to learn from the experts on a weekend stay. Preparation, with instruction, of either pheasant, venison or trout, al fresco or in the wainhouse leads to a mouthwatering feast to finish ...


Family holidays glamping on the farm


Activities to be expected or guaranteed! Throughout the normal season from Easter to the end of October, particular activities and extras are offered at many or even all the farms. The Feather Down farmers open not only their land but also their door to guests as hosts, and primary among activities is their farm tour. While always down-to-earth, the tour is the farmer's latest best, worked up and revised, and has been greeted across the 25 counties the company can be found in or on the border of with reviews of "brilliant", "excellent" and "fantastic". It is the "ice breaker", children meeting the farm animals for the first time, and the children from other tents before soon getting together with them after. Guests get to know their hosts and their world and to receive their welcome.


Hospitality alone not filling the stomach, all sorts of hampers, breakfast and barbecue boxes, and ingredients' for farmers' soup or stew—for cooking in the outdoors—are available as well as at many locations pizza parties during which everyone creates their own pizza from the delicious toppings laid out by the farmers.


A Feather Down Farm Days weekend starts at £305 for a 3-night stay.


The Feather Down accommodation and setting


Discover all the activities on a Feather Down glamping farm holiday without WiFi, a concept in tune with the times: returning to simple values, with creature comforts preserved and not a bored child or adult in sight!


To learn more about the opportunity to visit for a story, do not hesitate to contact Simon Turner on 01420 80804 or email s.ann.drogt@featherdown.co.uk Each year, a certain number of tents are blocked for you: journalists and your families.

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