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Newborn Lambs Radar

There is a real baby boom during April at Feather Down! At many farms you will find newborn lambs and baby goats. In all of the sheep farming areas, droves of lovely woolly lambs are born during spring. Guests sometimes may even help the farmer out with bottle feeding the new arrivals, holding them close while the lambs guzzle the milk. Find the complete overview below.

Where can I find newborn lambs?

    • Mount Pleasant Colletion are expecting their new arrivals in April
    • Forest of Bowland Collection are currently lambing
    • Hidcote Manor Farm are welcoming their new additions as we speak
    • New Barn Farm are expecting their lambs around Easter
    • Glanmor Isaf Farm are lambing for the whole month of April (almost 700 lambs are expected!)
    • Lake District Farm are currently lambing till mid-April
    • Upper Shadymoor are currently lambing, by Easter, they will have pretty Kerry Hill lambs, a rare breed with panda black and white faces!
    • Sunninglye Farm has new born lambs gamboling in their fields and could use your help to bottle feed them!
    • Treganhoe Farm will have lambs at the beginning of the season
    • Lunsford Farm: will have newborn lambs from April until June, possible supervised bottle-feeding sessions available.
    • Warren Collection will start lambing at the end of April until mid-May
    • Ilfracombe Farm will have tame lambs to feed throughout April. Also have goats kidding in May
    • Manor Farm will be lambing for the whole month of April
    • College Farm will have little lambs able to bottle feed for the first guests of the season. The bottle feeding activity lasts all the way through Easter, lamb feeding and cuddling goes on for the rest of the season.
    • Northumberland Farm are currently lambing, more are yet to come. A few pet lambs are available to feed by bottle, by their opening date during mid-May.
    • Wyresdale Park Collection will have lambs gamboling in the fields from April.

We will update this list on a weekly basis, new locations with lambs will be added!