Glamping holidays in Overijssel

Scenic and peaceful Overijssel awaits families in search of the healing power of nature and a comfortable holiday in a cozy spacious tent. Families can now enjoy spending time in pristine nature areas without sacrificing s sense of comfort and well-being. Glamping holidays are ideal for families with kids. At Feather Down you can pre-book your holiday and take two weeks to confirm that it's right for you.

This lovely mainland province in Holland is well-known for its natural areas, great camp sites and peace and quiet. Nature and historical areas are to be found in abundance in the area and it's ideal for exploring on foot or by bicycle. Several striking natural reserves can be found in the area, including De Weeribben.

Summer glamping activities

Hiking, kayaking or cycling is the ideal way to spend a day in this scenic region. Tall forests and meandering rivers delight visitors and make this an ideal location to spend bonding with the family and getting to know each other again.

Luxury camping holiday with Feather Down

Feather Down tented holidays offer spacious, cosy and comfortable tents that can accommodate the whole family. The size and number of tented homes varies depending on the location! So be sure to state your family's individual needs. Tents are warm but not hot, and provide the sense of getting in touch with nature that so many of us crave in modern times. Break away from the working world and spend time getting to know yourself again at Feather Down this summer!