Experience the countryside of Holland in Limburg

For an authentic rural experience in the Dutch countryside, book now your family holiday in Limburg. Be sure to book early in order to beat the crowds! Ensure that you and your family get first pick in choosing the ideal date for your stay.

A rare glamping experience in Limburg, Netherlands

Sharing a border with Germany, Limburg offers glamping spots which are surrounded by thousands of acres of natural beauty. You and your family will never be more than a short bicycle trip from the forests and lakes. If you feel like journeying further afield, the Gaia Zoo near the province capital of Maastricht, or the nearby idyllic town of Valkenburg provide local scenic attractions for all the family.

The animals on the farm

With around 50 cows, plenty of donkeys, horses, goats, and rabbits, the farm is a hub of activity as the animals peacefully graze throughout the day. If you feel like taking part in tending the animals, the cows are milked twice per day, or the young children can feed the rabbits.

The Feather Down way

Living amongst farm animals surrounded by nature is an experience which many of us do not often come by. Enjoy time with your friends and family away from technology, and see the side of Limburg you never knew existed.