Discover Kempen while on a glamping holiday with Feather Down!

Spend an amazing family holiday in the Netherlands on a farm in the Feather Down network. Here, you can enjoy your stay in a fully equipped lodge with all the modern comforts, while maintaining the warm atmosphere of the campsite. Fashionable camping, which is gaining popularity, is known as glamping!

Enjoy the oasis of peace, space and nature in Kempen. It is a region in the south-east of the province of Noord-Brabant. This region is also partly in Belgium, in the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and the north of the Flemish province of Brabant. The peculiarity of this region is the sandy bottom. De Kempen is largely covered with moors, oak woods, fens and peat bogs until the mid-nineteenth century. The nature reserve De Kempen is located in the municipality of Reusel-De Mierden (where our farm is!). This nature reserve includes Hapertse Heide and Cartierheide. The Staatsbosbeheer, which belongs to Campine Boswachterij, is the main owner. In addition, Leenderbos and Groote Heide form an uninterrupted nature reserve of more than 3,000 hectares.

Farmhouse in Kempen

South of Tilburg and Eindhoven, Brabantse Hei is in the middle of De Kempen Brabant and close to the Belgian border. Johnny and Inge love this beautiful place on the Turnhoutsche Heide (great for walking and cycling!). More than 200 cows of different breeds such as Belgian Blue, Piemontese, and Blonde d'Aquitaine. The Feather Down lodges are next to the farm and offer breathtaking views of the potato/maize fields to the edge of the forest where there are countless walking and cycling trails. In the neighboring village of Reusel, you can swim and fish in the pond. For day trips, the farm is perfectly located with famous destinations such as De Efteling, Beekse Bergen, and Bobbejaanland, all within half an hour's drive.

Luxury camping in the middle of nature in Kempen

You will be able to familiarize yourself with the daily work of the farmer during a pleasant family holiday. Your lodge is located in a nature reserve or on one of the areas managed by Natuurmonumenten (Society for the Preservation of Nature). The combination of natural beauty and farm life provides a solid foundation for a successful holiday!