Hoeve Draafsel

Experience modern camping on a farm in the Achterhoek!

With Feather Down Farms, you can book the ideal family glamping holiday throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Glamping is a contemporary way of camping in a tent that is equipped with all modern conveniences. Plus, you can fully enjoy the rural life on a farm in the countryside!

Feel at one with nature in the Achterhoek!

A family vacation in the grounds of a real working farm, gives you in a fun way a glimpse of life as it is happening in the country. The farms in the Netherlands are always located in a beautiful natural place or in a protected area. Of course with the appeal to let you breathe a sigh of relief and relax!

Enjoyable camping in a beautiful part of the Netherlands!

The Achterhoek is a prime area on the far east of the Netherlands where natural and agricultural areas are especially attractive. You will see land with the past still showing, and picturesque villages with a rich history, in county where many authentic farms determine the view. On your your glamping holiday, you will be able to take in the open-air museum Erve Kots in Lievelde, to see how the residents of Saxon farms used to live along with the cattle lived under one roof. Visit the Castle in Borculo have a taste of the past in a special Dutch environment!

A unique family holiday celebration with Feather Down

A vacation with Feather Down Farms is always a party for the whole family. Book today, via the website, the perfect weekend or an entire vacation!