Spring half term and End of May holiday

Looking for a glamping holiday in late May? Escape to a Feather Down farm. On the late May spring bank holiday, beat the crowds, and breathe the refreshing air of spring with summer just around the corner. Separated from the outdoors only by thick canvas, you stay connected with flourishing nature at all times. Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated on your May glamping holiday after which you can collect the first freshly laid eggs from the chickens. This is a truly special UK luxury camping experience. Come to the countryside for the May half-term when the approach of June brings the colours out into the open.

Our Spring half term falls on 30 May – 3 June 2022

Boy Play

Life is in full swing

Life on the farm at this time is in full swing, so your children will have plenty to do. The more fresh air they breathe, the more energy they will have and the better they will sleep! Join them in helping out or relax and enjoy their stories when they return. Whether roaming free or actually witnessing a calf being born, their, and your own stories will be become happy memories of your glamping UK farm holidays. After a nice stroll around the farm and countryside you can relax on the deck chairs that is by your tent.