A luxury camping France holiday awaits

Why not spend the holiday glamping in France? Meaning, ‘a bed in the meadow’, Feather Down in France, Un Lit au Pré, offers real farms for family holidays in harmony with the gentle rhythm of the glorious French countryside. You will only ever find Un Lit au Pré on farms with outstanding landscapes, and at which the farmer and family are passionate guardians of animals, landscapes, architecture, history and excellent local food too!

Feather Down locations scattered across France

Un Lit au Pré has farms dotted across France, radiating outwards from the centre to the east, south-west, north and north-west. Balancing creature comforts with the presence of nature just outside, Un Lit au Pré brings you the same Feather Down luxury camping appeal. on a real working farm at a gorgeous location. What are you waiting for, book your luxury camping France holiday!

Have a look at some beautiful areas the farms are to be found in:

Unplug yourself from the daily grind and enjoy the very best of the countryside by glamping France! All farms have limited number of accommodations (max. 6), offering privacy in natural surroundings, for luxury camping in the living, breathing outdoors.