La Ferme de la Moricière

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About La Ferme de la Moricière

La Ferme de la Moricière is located near Mont-Saint-Michel. In fact, hanging on the “balcony of the Bay” on one of the seven hills of Sartilly, the farm is crossed by a shaded path which, was formerly led by the pilgrims to strike before reaching Mont.

Staying at this farm you will discover this unique site with the same emotion that was felt by the pilgrims from all over Europe when they saw the Star of the West after a long journey! Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay was seen as a land of lust, devotion, and conflict where many myths and legends were born. From the tents you have a magnificent view of this wonder of the West!

Staying at Moriciere:

Hidden from its monumental hedges, La Ferme de la Moricière is a pretty traditional organic farm and is undergoing a renovation in 2020. Norman cows (Marguerite, Lolita, Mylènefarm, Nectarine, etc.) will only give milk to feed their calves. Different plants will now be cultivated: milling wheat, buckwheat for pancakes, hemp for dessert creams, and many more!

Visit Mont-Saint-Michel bay with your family:

Visiting Mont-Saint-Michel early in the morning or at the end of the day will take you to another world. Similarly, you can approach the intimate atmosphere of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel by visiting the villages of the Normandy coast: Saint Léonard, Genêts, Dragey Ronthon, and its protected wild dunes, Saint Jean le Thomas.

Another way to discover the bay from the inside by taking a walk with Sylvie the guide. You will be able to feel the bay and listen to the tales and legends that Sylvie will tell you. The instability and strength of this constantly changing natural environment crystallise in traps that are in quicksand. Sylvie will teach you to flush them out and above all to free yourself from all fear. Do not hesitate to ask for Sylvie’s direct contact if you want to organize this (paid) visit in advance with the reservation service.

The Moricières would like you to think of your stay with them as a cultural exchange. Using a combination of English and clear French to communicate, all will know each others’ languages and cultures a little better!

Explore the area:

Do not miss beautiful villages on the coast such as Genets and Dragey-Ronthon and the beach at Saint-Jean le Thomas.


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On our farm, there's no shortage of work! More than a dream, a real ethic for us! We are happy to share our passion. Come and spend a moment of pure relaxation in the countryside.

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