Hoeve Lochem aan de Berkel

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About Hoeve Lochem aan de Berkel

Along the river bank of the Berkel, you will find Hoeve Lochem aan de Berkel, a dairy farm with some of the accommodations being close to the water. The farm is about an hour and a half drive from Utrecht.

Activities on the farm:

Hoeve Lochem aan de Berkel is located on the banks of the river Berkel and is mentioned back as far as 1377.  On this historic spot, we milk our 60 cows, ‘Deleon Lily’, which are acclaimed nationwide. Milking here is carried out by a milking robot and we are more than happy to show you this. Almost the entire season it is possible to admire the calves.

On the farm, you will find sheep, chickens, and rabbits.  She can be fed and groomed. In addition, there is a restored tea house from the 19th century that is located next to our farm. Treat yourself to a picknick at the tea house with views looking out on the charming Berkel river. The Feather Down accommodations are situated on spaces that have stunning views of the landscape, some of them lie close by and have views of the Berkel river.

We have our own private river at Hoeve Draafsel too. You can rent a canoe here and go exploring. In addition, for fun on dry land we have a huge sandbox with a water pump and a giant swing.

Explore the area:

Around Hoeve Lochem aan de Berkel there is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in the Netherlands with more than 60 routes!

The historic town of Lochem is situated in the heart of the Achterhoek. You’ll find beautiful estates with very old trees, flower-filled meadows and winding dirt roads: lots of peace and beauty. It is a wonderful environment for cycling and hiking on your Netherlands glamping farm holiday.

Please note: at this location you do not have a made up double bed. The bed linen is included.


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The Ligtenbarg family

We are Harry and Gerda Ligtenbarg, living on the beautiful Hoeve Draafsel. Our adult children Lieke, Dirk Jan and Daaf come regularly to do the odd jobs at our Farm and would like to meet you too!

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