– Tuesday April 14, 2020 –

A list of things to bring to your next glamping holiday with Feather Down.

glamping a bed in the meadow

  • Since our unique accommodation does not have electricity, the farmers will give you a starter pack of candles and matches upon your arrival. However, we advise you to bring your own torch, extra candles, and matches. For your family evenings by the candlelight, consider bringing board games for your glamping holiday!
  • The farms,  all have a honesty shop where you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, farm products, local products and other essentials. However, we advise you to bring your own cooking spices! If you come with young children or babies, please bring your own children’s cutlery and baby food.
  • In order to feel more at home, pack your slippers in your suitcase! For the colder months, we recommend that you also take warm clothes, throw blankets and kettles with you.
  • In summer, don’t forget your swimsuits! The majority of our farms have a water point. The pond, the river or even the beach is never far away from our locations. If you are planning to explore the surrounding countryside, then pack your hiking shoes!
  • Some places on the farm can be slightly muddy. Children will be able to move around in certain enclosures to go feed the hens or give the lamb a bottle of milk. We therefore advise you to bring rubber boots.
  • Some of our farms offer bike rental for adults and children, as well as child seats. In any case, the farmers will always tell you where to rent them. However, if you plan to cycle, consider bringing your own helmet.
  • In our unique accommodation, cooking is done on the wood stove or on the barbecue outside. It can take a long time, that’s why we advise you to bring a thermos for your coffee or tea in the morning. You can also take a small camping stove with you, but you can only use it outside the tent.
  • Of course in case of bright sunshine, we strongly advise you to bring sunscreen. For rainier days, an umbrella is also welcome for trips between the tent and honesty shop or the communal showers!