Beat the crowds and book your 2019 family holiday now!Our 2018 prices are online on the website and available for everyone to book. To beat the crowds, you have the chance to make a booking now for your favourite farm. After you’ve received the pre-booking confirmation you’ll have 2 weeks to decide if you want to complete your booking.There is much more to discover this coming year: brand new farms and bigger, better tents!

Feather Down

Separated only from the lush outdoors by thick protective canvas, you can stay connected with nature within interiors that remind you of the olden days. Within and on the land, step from the modern age into a stream of experience and continuity. Not relying on devices indispensable to everyday life, you’ll see how time stretches out.

All our tents are spacious, comfortable and cozy. On all our Feather Down Farms you will find at least 2 and up to 10 Feather Down Tents. The layout may differ per country, but tents will always sleep up to 5 adults plus one child of up to 12 years (max. 6 people). The Country Retreat Tents are set on the most beautiful country estates in the country.

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