Holidays with teenagers: jump out of the family routine

The farms will always make teenagers feel really welcome. Activities on the farm, in nature and with the family, will amaze by measuring up to what teenagers would usually do otherwise almost by default. Just watch as your teenage sons and daughters cope without technology, and in the outdoors! In the open air in nature and with no-one other than family and new friends around to see, dirt from the woods and ash from bonfire-making will be no deterrent. This is the wide choice of locations around the UK.Soon revealed to all age groups at family holidays on the Feather Down farm, be they children, parents, grandparents or indeed teenagers, is how much there is to do even if it is in the many ways to chill out. Taking away the normal routine (screens) in the luxurious tents with old-style interiors, is a revelation!

Sleeping in is of course another favoured activity and our Feather Down beds are one of our most acclaimed features. With no family routine to follow, and no plugging in possible, routes are opened to conversation unheard at home. Helping out isn’t just the same old thing but offering! Something as simple as fetching and carrying, many interpretations, new sensations and diversions. Chopping wood for the fire, swimming in river or sea and games by candlelight will be truly eye-opening.

Which are the locations that most suit

It is hard to choose between the Feather Down locations but special interests can make your choice easier: If your son or daughter is mad about horses, say. If they get a kick out of nature while on the move, there are some outstanding walks, rambles and hikes from our locations. There are also farms that offer outstanding activities to be booked as extras, such as Upper Shadymoor farm with its hot tub, water trampoline, boat and wild-swim option.

Have a look at all of our Feather Down locations dotting the country.