Discover the South of Corsica with Feather Down

Corsica exists of hillside orchards, plains and hills where cattle, goats and sheep graze. It also has heavenly beaches, lakes, coves, and beautiful natural waterfalls. From now on, you will be able to discover the island of beauty by staying at Figari Corsica, in the south of Corsica. This location is at the edge of the mountains, near the Bouches de Bonifacio and beaches.

Cape Pertusato marks the south of Corsica, it is a high limestone plateau 5km southeast of Bonifacio. Close to Sardinia, it offers superb panorama, you will feel like at the end of the world! From Cape Pertusato you will have a view of the archipelago of the Lavezzi Islands. These 23 islands bathe in a turquoise and emerald sea, surely one of the most beautiful basins of Corsica.

Glamping near the Bouches de Bonifacio

The Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve in metropolitan France. It features limestone cliffs and granite sheltering underwater flora and fauna and exceptional birds! On Bonifacio, the Staircase of the King of Aragon is a must to visit. From the steps, you will have an amazing view of the Strait of Bouches de Bonifacio. This medieval town, perched on the high white cliffs, offers breathtaking views of the sea.

To the west of Bonifacio is the Fenu-la-Trinité Massif. This magnificent rocky massif dominates the Church of the Trinity hermitage, a true haven of peace. Many marked trails have been developed to discover the reserve.

Enjoy your stay to taste Corsican specialties

Take the time to savor the wines of Figari and Porto-Vecchio with a good plate of cheese. For children, there is candy and Corsican cakes made from chestnut flour such as donuts, nicci or pulenda. If you want to discover all these products of origin and exception, we invite you to take a look at the guide of the Route des Sens which lists all local producers of which Figari Corsica is part of.

Family holidays in the heart of a dream landscape

If you like hiking, follow the marked trails that lead to the spectacular site of the collar and needles of Bavella. The south of Corsica is prized for its renowned beaches such as Rondinara. This region also has canyons, peninsulas and natural pools that you can discover during long hikes. We recommend you to visit the Porto Golf, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the Gulf of Girolata and the Scandola Reserve. As you may have understood, Corsica is an island with exceptional landscapes and the different classification of its natural World Heritage sites attest to the importance and authenticity of this island. Book your stay at Figari Corsica and enjoy an unusual accommodation in the heart of a dream nature.