Family Farm holidays in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the largest region in France. Located in the Southwest, this glamping experience offers a varied landscape with a wide range of pursuits. Whether you are a fan of nautical activities, hiking or you prefer to explore the big cities, you will find everything you need in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine: a dream location for Glamping!

Nouvelle-Aquitaine's coastline stretches from the wild Atlantic to the Pyrenees and boasts a range of water activities, so break out your surf board or simply bask in the sun. The beaches are lined with exceptional dunes like the famous Dune du Pilat or venture South of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and marvel at the views as you hike the length and breadth of the mighty Pyrenees mountains. Furthermore Nouvelle-Aquitaine is rich in natural beauty as much of this region is covered by vast forests with sprawling hedgerows and green valleys. This region is ideal for anyone looking for authenticity, a return to nature and environmentally friendly holidays.

Explore the famous cities of Nouvelle-Aquitaine during your glamping holiday

Since Paris is only 2 hours away from Bordeaux, there is ample opportunity to explore this glorious city. Explore the Place de la Bourse in the old town and stroll along the Garonne. La Rochelle is also a very popular destination with its port city, towers and historic city center.  This city is a pleasure to wander on foot or you can float dreamily by boat. Perhaps visit the island of Ré or set sail from La Rochelle and discover Fort Boyard.

For surf lovers, Biarritz on the Basque coast is a must! Once you have worked up a sweat, quench it with a glass from Nouvelle-Aquitain's renowned vineyards. Simply relax with a glass of red or white from Bordeaux and cheese from Poitou....

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