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Enjoy a glamping holiday on the farm in Normandy

Experience the beauty of the countryside and the fun of camping on a real farm with Feather Down's family friendly glamping holidays. Our Normandy farm lets families spend quality time together in one of the most beautiful parts of France. Enjoy the warm weather while meeting newborn lambs and other friendly farm inhabitants. Beyond the farm, amazing cultural sights await, such as the world famous Bayeux tapestry.

Springtime in France creates memories to treasure

Wake up after a rejuvenating night's sleep in your canvas home, and be greeted by the sound of birdsong and the glorious scent of flowers. A Feather Down family holiday in Normandy offers plenty of delights to fill spring days. Stroll around the countryside or head down to the iconic Mont Saint Michel island for a day trip.

Glamping near the seaside in France

Summertime is the ideal time for one of our family holidays. This region of France is home to some amazing sandy beaches. The whole family can swim, sunbathe, or try out surfing and other water sports. The beaches along the coast are important landmarks too, as they are the site of heroic allied landings in the 1940s. Visit Omaha beach and experience the region's history.  There's something for everyone on a Normandy glamping holiday.

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