Glamping on Corse, the Island of Beauty

Also called "the island of beauty", this island located in the sea of the Mediterranean. The island has a sunny climate, dream landscapes, mountains, beaches ... There are five nature reserves of the island that gives it a natural heritage. The small villages scattered in the mountains reinforce the authentic character of the island.

The cities of Bastia, Ajaccio, Bonifacio, and Porto-Vecchio are also worth a visit! Including the city of Bonifacio, known for its lively marina, has a superb medieval citadel perched on a cliff! In Ajaccio, you will find many museums, but also beautiful churches and cathedrals.

Breathtaking landscapes while glamping

Among the best known is the Cap Corse peninsula in the north-east of the island, the paradisiacal beaches of the Agriates desert, the Calanches de Piana classified as World Heritage by UNESCO on the west coast, just as the Scandola reserve. Similarly, further south, there are the Spelunca Gorge, the Forest of Aïtone, the natural reserve of Bonifacio and the archipelago of the Lavezzi Islands. To the east, there is the imposing site of the Bavella Needles, the beautiful hilltop villages of Piedicroce and Morosaglia, and the famous seaside resort of Porto-Vecchio.

From North to South ... from East to West ... Corsica is riddled with remarkable landscapes!

Enjoy a family Corse glamping!

In addition to the beautiful beaches, charming villages and wild mountains, Corsica is full of local products and tasty culinary specialties. Taste its charcuterie: coppa, lonzu, panzetta or figatellu. Try typical cheeses such as Brocciu, Venachese or Calenzana, and discover classics like donuts or brocciu tartlets. Finally, enjoy it all with a good country wine!

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