Slow Food on your glamping holidays

At Feather Down, part of the glamping experience is enjoying quality food together. Fresh produce, either from the farm itself or the local area, can be pre-ordered or bought from the farm larder. We even have a handful of organic farms.

Feather Down is great for food lovers

In the Feather Down tent, all meals are cooked on the wood burning stove. You may wonder how you will cope without a microwave, or worry about being able to control the temperature of the stove. Never fear, it’s easier than you think!

  • Cook anything from fresh bacon and eggs to a hearty casserole on the stove
  • Make fresh pizzas and cook them in the outdoor oven one evening during your stay
  • To experience true al fresco cooking and dining, you can prepare and cook a hearty soup or stew over an open fire. Everything you need from the firewood and ingredients to the cast iron pot and utensils, is provided by your hosts

You will find Feather Down Farms throughout the UK, on real working farms.
At Feather Down Farms the evening meal is an event. It may take longer to bring to the table, but everyone has a hand in getting it there. Whether it is collecting the wood, peeling the potatoes, lighting the candles or counting out the cutlery. Stews warmed on the stove, pizza from the wood-fired oven, meats grilled on the barbecue or marshmallows toasted ’round the campfire. Whether you spend a weekend or a week with us, no two meals need be the same. We offer variety not only in the delicious home-cooked meals we can prepare for you, but in all the ingredients stocked in the Farm Larder, and the ways in which you can cook them.