The Feather Down feeling close by

You can head off in the car in almost every direction from London and you'll soon bump into a Feather Down farm (though it’s definitely advisable to book your London glamping getaway in advance!). There are seven stunning locations within 1.5 hours' drive of Greater London. You don't have to go far to find the heart of the countryside. Enjoy legendary Feather Down luxury camping hospitality on one of the farms in the area.

The Feather Down Farms in the region close to London offer much variety. Manor Farm is an oasis of calm and a classic Hampshire glamping getaway. Canfields Farm, lying on the border of West Sussex and Surrey, is a farm that is steeped in nature, with den building and wildlife spotting popular activities. To the east, at Sunninglye Farm, the farm is surrounded by woodland in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Heading north, New Barn Farm in Bedfordshire is a walker's paradise thanks to the multiple networks of paths to explore there. Or try something quite different in Essex, at Layer Marney Tower, which has many different animals in the grounds of the tallest Tudor gatehouse in England.

Glamping holidays within reach

Right beside the New Forest, you'll find Midgham Farm. The tents at Midgham Farm are entirely within woodland, just a 10-minute walk from the River Avon. For a breath of sea air rather than the scents of woodland, out of London and down the A21, Lunsford Farm can be found in front of a wide, glittering seascape.

Slowing down with UK luxury camping holidays near London

Taking life at a slower pace is a key part of Feather Down holidays. Taking time over things uncovers hidden depths, like a conversation that has time to build, opening doors missed before. Light the candles and spark the wood burning stove while settling into Feather Down surroundings, simultaneously luxurious and rustic. The warmth of the fire and the gentle sounds of nature will create a feeling of peace and comfort. It's not so far away...

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