Easter weekend 02 April 2021

chicken_girl_eggs_pyjamaEaster on Feather Down Farms is a special time. The yard residents double, with all farms full of newborn animals. Each farm has its own unique animal inhabitants, but on most farms, you’ll come across cows with calves. Did you know you can let a calf suck on your fingers because they have no teeth? In all of the sheep farming areas, droves of lovely woolly lambs are born in spring. Children can help the farmer out with bottle feeding the new arrivals, holding them close while the lambs guzzle the milk.

Book a glamping holiday over the Easter weekend, and enjoy our Easter activities at participating farms. You will automatically be part of the activity when booking the 3-night Easter weekend and you will receive a complimentary breakfast basket. Feast on a well-stocked breakfast basket, then paint eggs as a family and take part in an exciting egg hunt!


Our participating farms are: