Take your dog on a holiday too!

Having your own dogs could mean you want to bring them along on your glamping holiday right? It can be frustrating for you having to find a pet sitter for the weekend while you’re away! It can be tricky as well for those trying to find a holiday spot where dogs are welcome. At Feather Down, we want your holiday to be worry and stress free – so the best way to deal with this situation? Bring your dog to one of our farms!

On the farm, the dog must be on a leash because the farm animals are not used to all dogs. Two dogs are allowed to stay per tent.


Nature walks for your furry friend

If your dog loves to go for walks and couldn’t possibly be left behind if you are heading to the countryside, there are plenty of Feather Down farms offering the perfect “dog holiday” at dog-friendly countryside locations. Bringing your dogs along with you can make your glamping holiday much more extraordinary. There will be an abundance of new walks to go on as well as new sights and smells to investigate before your dog returns with you in the evening to finally rest in the tent. With all the stimulation on Feather Down dog-friendly holidays, your dog will have a great sleep!

Dogs should be booked in within the booking process.