– Wednesday March 11, 2020 –

What is a digital detox?

It’s hard to escape from smartphones, computers, and tablets that are always close at hand. For some time, ” digital detox ” has been on the rise and users are looking to get away from the virtual community and the constant flow of information, in order to recharge their batteries and take advantage of the simple things in life.

Digital detox holiday with Feather Down

Glamping holidays with Feather Down are perfect for people wishing to partake on a digital detox. Our unusual accommodation will make your goal easier since there is no electricity and WiFi onsite. Arriving at the farm you can directly put your smartphones and computers aside. Thanks to the idyllic setting of the countryside, you will quickly forget about your social media feed and it will be an opportunity for you and your family to find peace and reconnect with nature.

Rejuvenating getaway on the farm

Digital Detox The Pleasure of Simple Things

These “green” holidays will give you the opportunity to change your usual habits, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday lives and recharge your batteries. In the morning, instead of looking at your phone, let yourself be woken up gently by the sounds of nature. You will save time and avoid the flood of negative information carried by social networks.
Don’t bring your phone with you during your walks. Take the time to observe nature and experience the present moment with your loved ones. Finally during these holidays, spend time with the farmers. They will show you how to feed the animals, milk the cows, pick the cereals, groom the horse, … They will make you discover a world that may not have been familiar to you.

Rediscover the pleasure of simple things 

The pleasure of simple things goes through cooking, sport, reading, discovering nature, … Detox holidays will allow you to focus on the essentials. To relieve stress and reconnect with your loved ones, nothing better than preparing a good little dish all together! The Un Lit au Pré kitchen, open onto the living room and with a view of the surrounding nature, will give you the ideal setting for cooking together.
Take the time to do nothing, sit on the terrace of your Un Lit au Pré tent and watch nature and the children play.

Without electricity and telephone, you will live to the rhythm of nature. You will see how long time gets longer!


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