– Tuesday, March 31, 2020 –

Turn your home quarantine into a Feather Down glamping holiday

With the latest global outbreak this year, measures are being taken worldwide to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and people are now confined to their own homes. This can ruin your mood, especially if you have already booked a glamping holiday with Feather Down. What can you do now that your booking is rebooked for a later date? The most important thing is to not get upset, remain calm and approach this situation in the most positive way you can. You can still experience the “Feather Down Feeling” by DIY-ing your own glamping set up in your own home or garden!

Tips and tricks for your own glamping holiday at home

  • Set up your tent.

Like any other glamping holiday, you need a sleeping place. If you have a tent, set this up in your back yard. If you don’t have a garden, set up a canopy with bedsheets and string lights in a selected space in your house is a great alternative. Decorate with pillows, duvets and a lot of fairy lights – to imitate the magical twinkle of the stars. Make your space as cosy as possible as this will encourage activities inside the tent as a family. This is key to experience your “Feather Down Feeling”!

  • Set up an outdoor dining/lounge area.

If you already have an outdoor sitting area – great! If not, take out a rug and more pillows and set up a lounge area where the family can relax and eat together. Feel free to add more fairy lights, candles or paper lanterns to set the mood for total relaxation.

At any Feather Down location, we are all about dining Al Fresco at the picnic table that is provided for our guests. Make your favourite stew for the family to enjoy for dinner. If you don’t have a garden, put on a virtual fireplace on your TV and decorate your dining area with candles and fairy lights!

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi

Our accommodations come without electricity or Wi-Fi, and these are replaced with the ambiance of oil lamps and candles, and the heat from a classic style wood burning stove. The best thing about our Feather Down glamping holidays are being able to spend time with your family and friends without the distractions of technology. How often does that happen in the hustle and bustle of your daily lives? Bring out the board games, reminisce about your past (Feather Down) holidays, enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits!

Most important tip:

We advise you to commit to our main concept, keep your technology inside and enjoy the evening under the stars! These tips will certainly give you the “Feather Down Feeling” but let your own creativity flow. Bring out your inner child, tell the little ones stories in your cosy tent, play some tunes and enjoy some family time!