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We are looking for new locations in South Africa! Do you run an active farm or estate in a peaceful part of the countryside and do you enjoy and think it is important to share your knowledge with others? Join Feather Down for a unique chance to earn extra income and offer something special by diversifying what your farm can do!

How to join Feather Down

Why should you join Feather Down?

  • A higher income from your property which could be a farm, an estate, a stud or any other location with potential for tourism
  • A brand you can trust (we’ve been in operation for 16 years)
  • We offer a Glamping and Camping concept with various accommodation options such as tented lodges and log cabins
  • For the Glamping concept, we have various financial models
  • All the sales & marketing
  • We take care of the bookings, payments and customer care

What will you get?

  • A substantial extra income
  • Your own webpage in multiple languages on our websites in several countries with 2 million+ visitors yearly
  • To be a part of the FD community with annual meetings
  • Coaching from the office on how to increase your income

How does it work?

  • You prepare the land, the permit and prepare the ground
  • We place the accommodation and furnish them
  • You set up facilities for extra income if you wish to offer home-cooked food, bike rental etc.
  • We do the sales & marketing
  • You are the host for “meet & greet” or more
  • The season is April-October (tents) or can be year-round (cabins)

About Feather Down

  • A successful brand (we’ve been in operation for 16 years)
  • Over 2 million annual visitors to the website
  • Average guest satisfaction score of 9.4
  • Sales in 5 markets and 4 languages
  • Top-quality accommodation
  • Commitment to innovation
  • A motivated team who loves Glamping and outdoors

Ready to get started?

Contact Shelley Drogt at (or call us on 01420 80804).
Joining Feather Down could give you an excellent opportunity for diversification that blends in well with your current activities. So, if you are a farmer and reading this page, contact us to find out more.