Everything You Need for the Perfect Autumn Glamping Holiday

Let’s face it; most of us are eager for a break from real life. This year has been exhausting. Everything has been turned upside down, and normality has been thrown out of the window. Most of us have been focused on simply getting by and have little chance to enjoy precious time alone or with our families. Now, even though the world is still unsettled, we’re heading into autumn. Which, along with colder weather, brings busyness, holidays, celebrations, shopping, and everything else that we go through as we hurtle towards the end of the year.

This is the perfect time for a break. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Autumnal colours are all around us, leaves crunch underfoot, the nights are drawing in, and yet the weather is still mild enough that we can get out and enjoy ourselves. It might also be your last chance for a proper break before you throw yourself into Christmas preparations and Halloween fun.

You might think twice about going glamping outside of the hot summer months. But, unlike camping, which can be, frankly, uncomfortable and even dangerous, glamping in autumn is something to cherish. There’s nothing better than getting cosy in a warm lodge or cabin with a hot chocolate and a fleecy blanket, after a day out walking in the autumnal colours. What could be more relaxing? Here’s a look at everything that you need for the perfect glamping getaway this autumn.

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With everything going on at the moment, in terms of travelling and public transport, a car is essential. Featherdown’s locations are not accessible by public transport, meaning you really are isolated from the outside world. But, it can be useful, especially when the weather is a little more unreliable. Having your own vehicle with you means that you can get out and about, visit some tourist attractions, and head further afield on walks.

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Warm Layers

One of the best things about glamping is that unlike camping you don’t need to take equipment. You don’t need to worry about fitting a tent into the car, finding sleeping bags or packing cooking equipment. You won’t even need to take bedding, as you might with a caravan trip. This means that you’ll have plenty of room for clothes.

Your Featherdown cabin, tent or lodge (depending on what you choose) should keep you warm and cosy, but you’ll want to get out exploring the local area too, and at this time of the year, the weather is changeable. Long sleeves, vests, lightweight jumpers and other thinner layers can be ideal for those days that swing between sunny and hot and cloudy and cold. If you are with your friends, although now it is most likely to be a glamping holiday with your family, you can get coy under a warm blanket with a freshly made hot chocolate and marshmallows (and if cream if you’re feeling naughty!). Imagine a wonderful winter cabin holiday and you’re all wrapped up sharing stories and playing games with each other from the warmth of your blankets and drinking hot drinks, it’s definitely something to consider!


Waterproofs are another essential if you want to be able to enjoy exploring this autumn. Make sure you, at the very least, have waterproof shoes and a coat, so that you can get out and about, whatever the weather.

Comfortable Shoes

Most glampers enjoy getting out into nature on walks and hikes, exploring local hotspots and getting off the beaten track. Autumn is jam-packed with colour, wildlife and other natural elements for you to enjoy. If this is the kind of holiday you are looking for, make sure you’ve got comfortable walking shoes, so that your feet aren’t blistered and sore when you get back to base every evening.


In autumn, many glamping destinations will provide some of the essentials food-wise, and maybe even the ingredients to make specific culinary delights or a hamper of local produce. But, taking some of your own favourites is still a good idea. Pack foods and drinks that are easy and quick to prepare, and that you know everyone in your party will enjoy. Think warming comfort food, as well as easy snacks to take out on your long walks.


Again, some activities might be provided, and there’s sure to be plenty to do during the day. But, you might want to pack some of your own activities to help you to get comfortable and relax. Think books, board games and other leisurely activities. If you are taking your car, you might also want to pack your bikes, and other outdoor entertainment, such as a football, or outdoor games.

A glamping holiday can be the perfect way to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. You are out with nature, and away from the stresses of real life, but still warm and protected from inclement weather. If you need a break from this year, glamping could be perfect.

Written by our guest writer Lucy Hudson – Aspiring Freelance Writer