– May 5, 2020 –

What makes glamping with Feather Down even more incredible are the many farm animals you will see on-site! You can feed them, pet them and milk the cows. If you’re lucky, you can even bottle-feed a newborn lamb. In spring, there is a real baby boom, the number of animals doubles during this period.

Come and take care of the horses during your luxury camping holiday on the farm

Horse lovers will love the holidays with Feather Down. Brush and saddle your horse, and go for a walk through the fields or paths around the farm. Here are the farms where you can take care of horses and / or ponies: Midgham Farm in Hampshire and New Barn Farm in Bedfordshire. On some farms, you can also come with your horse so that your family is complete during your vacation (information on

Take your dog with you during your Glamping holidaydog vacation

Family holidays are perfect when your pooch can come along! Take a nice walk around the farm and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Since the farms are always wonderfully isolated, you have a lot of space. However, the dog must be kept on a leash on the farm because farm animals are not used to all dogs. Two dogs are allowed to stay per tent. For a list of all farms where dogs are allowed, click here .
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Take care of a rabbit or guinea pig

In some farms, you can ask to take care of a rabbit yourself for a few days. A hutch will be installed near the tent and the farmer will explain everything to you. You can find this option at Chesters (rabbits) and Midgham Farm (Guinea Pigs.  Hof Keppel and Hohenwarter Seehof in Germany also have the option to take care of rabbits!

You can also rent your own chicken coop with two hens and enjoy the fresh eggs at College Farm, Billingsmoor, Canfields Farm!

Farm camping holidays with alpacas/llamas!

These small hairy camelids are very sociable, you will not hesitate to scratch his hairy head. Find alpacas at Manor Farm or Llamas at Bucklebury Reading