– Tuesday, April 21, 2020 –

Activities during the holidays are an opportunity for children and parents to spend time together. Luckily, the Feather Down farms are full of activities the whole family can participate in and you will always have something to keep the group occupied!


For locations near a river, a pond, or a lake, you have the possibility of fishing. Some farms even offer to hire equipment directly on-site, otherwise, you can bring your fishing rods. Where can you fish in the UK? Moor Farm has a canal 5 minutes away from the location and Wyresdale has a private lake on-site

If you do not want to fish, you can always bring your swimsuit to go swimming in the river or the surrounding lakes!

Horse grooming

Hot tubAre you tempted by a horse or pony grooming? In the UK, New Barn Farm and Mount Pleasant is the ideal place for horse lovers. 

Milking cows

In many Feather Down farms, farmers will show you how to milk cows. You can even drink a glass of fresh milk during your glamping holiday at Feather Down!

Hot Tub

Some of our locations have an extra touch of luxury: hot tub. What could be more relaxing than chatting together in an outdoor hot tub? In the UK, you can enjoy the hot tub at these locations. For those who want to go abroad, there is a SPA at De Kalverweide in the village of Kallenkote in the north of the Netherlands.

The essentials of Feather Down farms

Pizza Evening A Bed In The Meadow

Tour of the farm

At the start of your family holiday on the farm, the farmer will give you the glamping farm tour. You will meet all the animals, find out all about the farm’s connection to the land and livestock and what the farmer does on a typical day. You are always welcome to help them feed rabbits, goats, or to collect eggs from chickens. During this visit you will also learn a little more about agricultural trades such as animal husbandry, production and the techniques used.

Pizza evening

Every week, participate in the pizza evening with the family, but also with the other guests. To find out more about the pizza evening party click here.

Seasonal activities:

We organize activities for the whole family throughout the year. There is an Easter weekend celebration, a summer celebration and a special weekend to end the season. To see the participating activities and farms click here .

After a few days, the children will develop a certain autonomy: they will fetch wood for the stove, fresh fruit and vegetables in the honesty shop for the meal and they will pamper and feed the animals themselves. This pleasant routine testifies to a successful family vacation on the farm! Depending on the location, they can fetch for eggs as well!

During these glamping holidays in the countryside, it is also an opportunity to go on foot or by bike and discover the nature around the location. In addition, take advantage of these holidays to cook local products from the honesty shop together on the woodstove or the barbecue. In the evening, find yourself around the campfire to roast marshmallows or on the table inside the tent to play board games by candlelight!