The Canvas Frills Lodge separate shower Collection 4P is our innovation of a luxurious new tent boasting even greater practicality while never compromising on allure - including an en-suite bathroom. With a wooden bathroom interior fully in keeping with the appeal we hope you expect, guests may enjoy an instant hot shower, and in the right style. The breakfast of freshly laid eggs just collected by your children can now follow the shower, entirely in the comfort of your lovely 56m2 living space.

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The Feather Down Feeling

Canvas Frills Lodge separate shower Collection - 4 persons

Behind thick protective canvas keeping warmth in without shutting the sounds of nature out, turn-of-the-century farmhouse Tent interiors evoke a time when daily life proceeded at nature’s pace. Balancing practicality and feeling, all of our spacious and cosy tents include proper beds and flushing toilets.

Our beds are near the top of the list of positive features according to former guests of Feather Down farms, so you can depend on getting your well-earned rest!