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Discover Feather Down Farm’s Seasonal Activities!

On Feather Down Farms, there are different activities for every season. Get these dates in your diary now…

• 30 March 2018 – Easter Weekend

A complimentary breakfast basket and some Easter themed activities such as egg-hunting and egg-painting (activities and ingredients may vary per farm)

Participating Farms: Canfields Farm (West Sussex), College Farm (Norfolk) Cwmberach Uchaf (Wales), East Shilvinghampton (Dorset), Hillside Farm (South Wales), Lower Rodhuish (Somerset), Manor Farm (Hampshire), New Barn Farm (Bedfordshire), Sunninglye Farm (Kent), Treganhoe Farm (Cornwall) and Upper Shadymoor (Shropshire).

• 15 June 2018 – Midsummer bonfire

An evening together by the campfire with snacks, drinks and roasting some marshmallows.

Participating Farms: Canfields Farm (West Sussex), Glanmor Isaf (Wales), Manor Farm (Hampshire), New Barn Farm (Bedfordshire), Treganhoe Farm (Cornwall) and Upper Shadymoor (Shropshire).

• 26 October 2018 – Stew Pot Weekend

A complimentary basket of ingredients to make a delicious stew.

Participating Farms: College Farm (Norfolk), East Shilvinghampton (Dorset), Gambledown Farm (Hampshire), Glanmor Isaf (Wales), Hillside Farm (Wales), Lower Rodhuish (Somerset), New Barn Farm (Bedfordshire), Sunninglye Farm (Kent) and Treganhoe Farm (Cornwall).


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