Manor Farm

Manor Farm

Hampshire, Alton, GU34 3BD

In August 2006, Anna and Will opened the UK's first Feather Down farm. Only 1 hour from London, it remains a tranquil oasis of calm within the South Downs National Park, offering the chance to become at one with a classic English rolling landscape of copses and sunken lanes. The farm is comprised of arable crops, cattle and a large flock of sheep that graze the network of water meadows. Guests young and old are always thrilled by the farm buggy on which they join in with the checking of the animals, and many of the guests find the campsite environment so relaxing that they rarely leave it.

Amongst the birdsong and countryside, there is still luxury to be enjoyed, whether sitting out in a hot tub looking up at the stars or in a 'frills' tent with its own ensuite shower. The tents are sited in the old farm orchard under trees or amongst the hedgerows and are arranged for privacy while also being well placed for groups. Some tents face onto the orchard towards the lamb paddock. Others have excellent views over the farmland towards Alton and beyond. Each one has its own campfire site for cooking hearty stews. Grand barbecues are often enjoyed here, and we can make sure that you are feasting on the finest of produce while looking at the sunset.

Wandering off site, there are great local pubs within walking distance, including the Three Horseshoes in East Worldham. For those who love a dip, there’s wild swimming at Frensham Ponds or a more traditional paddle at West Wittering and Hayling Island at the coast that you can reach within an hour.

Alice Holt Forest has walking trails and bike hire for all ages and Go Ape in the treetops for juniors and adults. Thomas the Tank Engine often visits the Watercress Line. Lots of guests visit Jane Austen’s charming house in neighbouring Chawton. Climbing the Zig Zag in Selborne is worth it for the view. The New Forest and Peppa Pig World are easily accessible.

We are proud to have introduced Feather Down to the UK and have been working on enhancing our customers’ experience ever since. We think we’re just about there though the fine-tuning will never cease. Come to this lovely part of England and see for yourselves.

We’d love to see you soon.  Will, Anna, Daisy and Bertie.

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Prices and Availability

Below, you will find all the available prices and dates. Our fixed arrival and departure days are Monday and Friday other than on some bank holidays. Click on the month to see the dates available and on the price to make your booking. If you want to book more than a week or wish to come today or to book more than three tents then please contact us.

March 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Fri 31 MarMon 03 Apr3 night stay£576.00£626.00
Fri 31 MarFri 07 Apr7 night stay£1046.00£1195.00

April 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 03 AprFri 07 Apr4 Night stay£671.00£746.00
Mon 03 AprMon 10 Apr7 night stay£1046.00£1195.00
Fri 07 AprMon 10 Apr3 night stay£576.00£626.00
Fri 07 AprFri 14 Apr7 night stay£1046.00£1195.00
Mon 10 AprFri 14 Apr4 Night stay£671.00£746.00
Mon 10 AprMon 17 Apr7 night stay£1046.00£1195.00
Fri 14 AprMon 17 Apr3 night stay£666.00£716.00
Fri 14 AprFri 21 Apr7 night stay£1086.00£1235.00
Mon 17 AprFri 21 Apr4 Night stay£671.00£746.00
Mon 24 AprFri 28 Apr4 Night stay£416.00£481.00
Mon 24 AprMon 01 May7 night stay£716.00£855.00
Fri 28 AprMon 01 May3 night stay£741.00£801.00
Fri 28 AprTue 02 May4 Night stay£856.00£916.00
Fri 28 AprFri 05 May7 night stay£1306.00£1465.00

May 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 01 MayFri 05 May4 Night stay£421.00£486.00
Mon 01 MayMon 08 May7 night stay£741.00£880.00
Fri 05 MaySun 07 May2 night stay£406.00£441.00
Fri 05 MayMon 08 May3 night stay£451.00£491.00
Fri 05 MayFri 12 May7 night stay£741.00£880.00
Mon 08 MayFri 12 May4 Night stay£421.00£486.00
Mon 08 MayMon 15 May7 night stay£1306.00£1465.00
Fri 12 MaySun 14 May2 night stay£406.00£441.00
Fri 12 MayMon 15 May3 night stay£451.00£491.00
Fri 12 MayFri 19 May7 night stay£741.00£880.00
Mon 15 MayFri 19 May4 Night stay£421.00£486.00
Mon 15 MayMon 22 May7 night stay£1306.00£1465.00
Fri 19 MaySun 21 May2 night stay£406.00£441.00
Fri 19 MayMon 22 May3 night stay£451.00£491.00
Fri 19 MayFri 26 May7 night stay£741.00£880.00
Mon 22 MayFri 26 May4 Night stay£421.00£486.00
Mon 22 MayMon 29 May7 night stay£1306.00occupied
Fri 26 MayMon 29 May3 night stay£736.00occupied
Fri 26 MayFri 02 Jun7 night stay£1306.00occupied
Mon 29 MayFri 02 Jun4 Night stay£876.00£961.00
Mon 29 MayMon 05 Jun7 night stay£1306.00£1465.00

June 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Fri 02 JunMon 05 Jun3 night stay£481.00£521.00
Fri 02 JunFri 09 Jun7 night stay£841.00£980.00
Mon 05 JunFri 09 Jun4 Night stay£441.00£506.00
Mon 05 JunMon 12 Jun7 night stay£841.00£980.00
Fri 09 JunMon 12 Jun3 night stay£481.00£521.00
Fri 09 JunFri 16 Jun7 night stay£841.00£980.00
Mon 12 JunFri 16 Jun4 Night stay£441.00£506.00
Mon 12 JunMon 19 Jun7 night stay£841.00£980.00
Fri 16 JunMon 19 Jun3 night stay£481.00£521.00
Fri 16 JunFri 23 Jun7 night stay£841.00£980.00
Mon 19 JunFri 23 Jun4 Night stay£441.00£506.00
Mon 26 JunFri 30 Jun4 Night stay£441.00£506.00
Mon 26 JunMon 03 Jul7 night stay£841.00£980.00
Fri 30 JunMon 03 Jul3 night stay£481.00£521.00
Fri 30 JunFri 07 Jul7 night stay£841.00£980.00

July 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 03 JulFri 07 Jul4 Night stay£646.00£721.00
Mon 10 JulFri 14 Jul4 Night stay£646.00£721.00
Mon 10 JulMon 17 Jul7 night stay£941.00£1090.00
Fri 14 JulMon 17 Jul3 night stay£586.00£646.00
Fri 14 JulFri 21 Jul7 night stay£1306.00£1465.00
Mon 17 JulFri 21 Jul4 Night stay£671.00£756.00
Mon 17 JulMon 24 Jul7 night stay£1306.00£1465.00
Fri 21 JulMon 24 Jul3 night stay£716.00£776.00
Fri 21 JulFri 28 Jul7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Mon 24 JulFri 28 Jul4 Night stay£831.00£916.00
Mon 24 JulMon 31 Jul7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Fri 28 JulMon 31 Jul3 night stay£716.00£776.00
Fri 28 JulFri 04 Aug7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Mon 31 JulFri 04 Aug4 Night stay£831.00£916.00
Mon 31 JulMon 07 Aug7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00

August 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Fri 04 AugMon 07 Aug3 night stay£716.00£776.00
Fri 04 AugFri 11 Aug7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Mon 07 AugFri 11 Aug4 Night stay£831.00£916.00
Mon 07 AugMon 14 Aug7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Fri 11 AugMon 14 Aug3 night stay£716.00£776.00
Fri 11 AugFri 18 Aug7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Mon 14 AugFri 18 Aug4 Night stay£831.00£916.00
Mon 14 AugMon 21 Aug7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Fri 18 AugMon 21 Aug3 night stay£716.00£776.00
Fri 18 AugFri 25 Aug7 night stay£1406.00£1565.00
Mon 21 AugFri 25 Aug4 Night stay£831.00£916.00
Mon 21 AugMon 28 Aug7 night stayoccupied£1565.00
Fri 25 AugMon 28 Aug3 night stayoccupied£856.00
Fri 25 AugFri 01 Sep7 night stayoccupied£1390.00
Mon 28 AugFri 01 Sep4 Night stay£856.00£941.00
Mon 28 AugMon 04 Sep7 night stay£1231.00£1390.00

September 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Fri 01 SepMon 04 Sep3 night stay£481.00£531.00
Fri 01 SepFri 08 Sep7 night stay£811.00£960.00
Mon 04 SepFri 08 Sep4 Night stay£411.00£486.00
Mon 11 SepFri 15 Sep4 Night stay£411.00£486.00
Mon 18 SepFri 22 Sep4 Night stay£411.00£486.00
Mon 18 SepMon 25 Sep7 night stay£811.00£960.00
Fri 22 SepMon 25 Sep3 night stay£481.00£531.00
Fri 22 SepFri 29 Sep7 night stay£811.00£960.00
Mon 25 SepFri 29 Sep4 Night stay£411.00£486.00
Mon 25 SepMon 02 Oct7 night stay£811.00£960.00
Fri 29 SepSun 01 Oct2 night stay£391.00£427.00
Fri 29 SepMon 02 Oct3 night stay£435.00£475.00
Fri 29 SepFri 06 Oct7 night stay£706.00£845.00

October 2017

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 02 OctFri 06 Oct4 Night stay£411.00£476.00
Mon 02 OctMon 09 Oct7 night stay£706.00£845.00
Fri 06 OctSun 08 Oct2 night stay£391.00£427.00
Fri 06 OctMon 09 Oct3 night stay£435.00£475.00
Fri 06 OctFri 13 Oct7 night stay£706.00£845.00
Mon 09 OctFri 13 Oct4 Night stay£411.00£476.00
Mon 09 OctMon 16 Oct7 night stay£706.00£845.00
Fri 13 OctMon 16 Oct3 night stay£511.00£561.00
Fri 13 OctFri 20 Oct7 night stay£891.00£1040.00
Mon 16 OctFri 20 Oct4 Night stay£541.00£616.00
Mon 16 OctMon 23 Oct7 night stay£891.00£1040.00
Fri 20 OctMon 23 Oct3 night stay£511.00£561.00
Fri 20 OctFri 27 Oct7 night stay£891.00£1040.00
Mon 23 OctFri 27 Oct4 Night stay£541.00£616.00
Mon 23 OctMon 30 Oct7 night stay£891.00£1040.00
Fri 27 OctMon 30 Oct3 night stay£511.00£561.00
Fri 27 OctFri 03 Nov7 night stay£891.00£1040.00
Mon 30 OctFri 03 Nov4 Night stay£541.00£616.00
Mon 30 OctMon 06 Nov7 night stay£891.00£1040.00


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