Howbeck Lodge Farm

Howbeck Lodge Farm

Cumbria, Hesket Newmarket, CA7 8JN

Located inside the Lake District National Park, you can experience true rural isolation and a little piece of heaven at your Canvas Lodge when glamping Cumbria. There are a plethora of walks on your doorstep, quiet beaches at the Solway Firth, and not to forget the beautiful world-renowned lakes of the Lake District, and nearby rivers.

The Stobart family have farmed at Howbeck Lodge for over 20 years. Howbeck is a traditional sheep and beef farm of 300 acres that is worked in a sustainable manner as part of the higher level Countryside Stewardship Scheme. John is passionate about his livestock, particularly his Highland cattle. The lambs in spring, prize winning Highland cattle and paddling in the stream, are all a stone’s throw from the tents. Unfortunately, dogs cannot be accommodated.

Christine is well known locally for her homemade produce, available at the pretty farm pantry in the little barn by the tents. One guest’s comment represented exactly what they aim for: “John made us laugh, Christine’s food made us drool, and Sarah taught us how to feed lambs. It was truly one of the best holidays we’ve ever had”. In the lovingly restored barn, the hot showers are downstairs and the farm pantry above.

Another rich slice of rural England is served up almost every week in the area from June until September in the form of agricultural shows. You might even see John there with his prize livestock, as he is a regular trophy winner. Howbeck Farm is a short stroll to the unspoilt village of Hesket Newmarket, which boasts a lovely children’s play area, a riverside walk and the very popular Old Crown Pub, well worth a visit along with the Hesket Newmarket Brewery Cooperative.

We are the Howbeck family and have farmed at Howbeck for over 20 years. We have 3 children, David, Joanne and Sarah. Although Jo is married and has a son, they spend as much time as possible back on the farm near the beautiful Lake District.

We hope to welcome you soon, John & Christine

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Prices and Availability

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June 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills Lodge
Fri 03 JunMon 06 JunWeekend£345.00occupied
Fri 03 JunFri 10 JunWeek£575.00occupied
Mon 06 JunFri 10 JunMidweek£315.00£455.00
Mon 06 JunMon 13 JunWeek£510.00£699.00
Fri 10 JunMon 13 JunWeekend£345.00£485.00
Fri 10 JunFri 17 JunWeek£510.00£699.00
Mon 13 JunFri 17 JunMidweek£315.00£455.00
Mon 20 JunFri 24 JunMidweek£315.00£455.00
Mon 20 JunMon 27 JunWeek£510.00£699.00
Fri 24 JunMon 27 JunWeekend£345.00£485.00
Fri 24 JunFri 01 JulWeek£510.00£699.00
Mon 27 JunFri 01 JulMidweek£315.00£455.00
Mon 27 JunMon 04 JulWeek£510.00£699.00

July 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills Lodge
Fri 01 JulMon 04 JulWeekend£349.00£505.00
Fri 01 JulFri 08 JulWeek£599.00£865.00
Mon 04 JulFri 08 JulMidweek£430.00£570.00
Mon 04 JulMon 11 JulWeek£599.00£850.00
Fri 08 JulMon 11 JulWeekend£349.00£505.00
Fri 08 JulFri 15 JulWeek£599.00£865.00
Mon 11 JulFri 15 JulMidweek£430.00£570.00
Mon 11 JulMon 18 JulWeek£599.00£850.00
Fri 15 JulMon 18 JulWeekend£349.00£490.00
Fri 15 JulFri 22 JulWeek£599.00£850.00
Mon 18 JulFri 22 JulMidweek£430.00£585.00
Mon 18 JulMon 25 JulWeek£635.00£865.00
Fri 22 JulMon 25 JulWeekend£440.00£565.00
Fri 22 JulFri 29 JulWeek£799.00occupied
Mon 25 JulFri 29 JulMidweek£495.00occupied
Mon 25 JulMon 01 AugWeek£799.00occupied
Fri 29 JulMon 01 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00
Fri 29 JulFri 05 AugWeek£999.00£1285.00

August 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills Lodge
Mon 01 AugFri 05 AugMidweek£655.00£810.00
Mon 01 AugMon 08 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00
Fri 05 AugMon 08 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00
Fri 05 AugFri 12 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00
Mon 08 AugFri 12 AugMidweek£655.00£810.00
Mon 08 AugMon 15 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00
Fri 12 AugMon 15 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00
Fri 12 AugFri 19 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00
Mon 15 AugFri 19 AugMidweek£655.00£810.00
Mon 15 AugMon 22 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00
Fri 19 AugMon 22 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00
Fri 19 AugFri 26 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00
Mon 22 AugFri 26 AugMidweek£655.00£810.00
Mon 22 AugMon 29 AugWeekoccupiedoccupied
Mon 22 AugTue 30 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00
Fri 26 AugTue 30 AugWeekend£675.00£835.00
Fri 26 AugFri 02 SepWeek£945.00£1175.00
Tue 30 AugFri 02 SepMidweek£375.00£565.00

September 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills Lodge
Fri 02 SepMon 05 SepWeekend£345.00£475.00
Fri 02 SepFri 09 SepWeek£575.00£785.00
Mon 05 SepFri 09 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00
Mon 05 SepMon 12 SepWeek£575.00£785.00
Fri 09 SepMon 12 SepWeekend£345.00£475.00
Fri 09 SepFri 16 SepWeek£575.00£785.00
Mon 12 SepFri 16 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00
Mon 12 SepMon 19 SepWeek£575.00£785.00
Fri 16 SepMon 19 SepWeekend£345.00£475.00
Fri 16 SepFri 23 SepWeek£575.00£785.00
Mon 19 SepFri 23 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00
Mon 19 SepMon 26 SepWeek£575.00£785.00
Fri 23 SepMon 26 SepWeekend£345.00£475.00
Fri 23 SepFri 30 SepWeek£575.00£785.00
Mon 26 SepFri 30 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00
Mon 26 SepMon 03 OctWeek£575.00£785.00
Fri 30 SepMon 03 OctWeekend£305.00£415.00
Fri 30 SepFri 07 OctWeek£465.00£675.00

October 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills Lodge
Mon 03 OctFri 07 OctMidweek£275.00£399.00
Mon 03 OctMon 10 OctWeek£465.00£675.00
Fri 07 OctMon 10 OctWeekend£355.00£490.00
Fri 07 OctFri 14 OctWeek£680.00£920.00
Mon 10 OctFri 14 OctMidweek£455.00£615.00
Mon 10 OctMon 17 OctWeek£680.00£920.00
Fri 14 OctMon 17 OctWeekend£355.00£490.00
Fri 14 OctFri 21 OctWeek£680.00£920.00
Mon 17 OctFri 21 OctMidweek£455.00£615.00
Mon 17 OctMon 24 OctWeek£680.00£920.00
Fri 21 OctMon 24 OctWeekend£355.00£490.00
Fri 21 OctFri 28 OctWeek£680.00£920.00
Mon 24 OctFri 28 OctMidweek£455.00£615.00
Mon 24 OctMon 31 OctWeek£680.00£920.00
Fri 28 OctMon 31 OctWeekend£355.00£490.00


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