East Shilvinghampton

East Shilvinghampton

Dorset, Weymouth, DT3 4HN

The farm lies under 10 minutes from the impressive Chesil Beach, loved by kids, a couple of minutes' walk from the Dorset AONB and in the middle of the Jurassic Coast world heritage site. East Shilvinghampton nestles at the foot of a peaceful valley offering dramatic views of the green and pretty Dorset countryside. The tents are close by the farmyard with cows, goats, pigs, hens and ducks just a toddle away.

Taking your glamping Dorset family holidays at East Shilvinghampton farm, there are lots of animals to meet like the beef suckler cows and calves and pedigree limousin cows some of whom you will meet on the farm tour. Some real personalities include Labradors Tess and Ora, pet goat Trit-Trot and kids, Leonard the farm cat (who loves visiting tents ), the ducks Pit, Pat and Paddle, Henry's pigs, Chase the horse, and Pippin the pony belonging to daughters Georgina and Annabel. Also all making their homes nearby, and spot-able, are foxes and their cubs, deer, hares and owls. Take the secret woodland passage. There is always something going on, on your East Shilvinghampton family holidays!

Feedback informs that families love the setting of the tents as the children can play and roam freely and safely within sight and earshot of parents. The farm larder will sustain them and you, being well stocked with lots of local produce and the farm's own beef and pork. Joby's homemade goodies are not to be missed on this perfect Dorset glamping farm holiday, particularly her meringue roulade! There is a very handy outdoor covered eating area next to the pizza oven.

As well as scents of the forest, you can breathe in sea air walking the many beaches. These include West Bay, famous home of the Broadchurch TV series, and Chesil. Visit Dorchester's Dinosaur Museum and just 25 miles away the stunning RSBP Arne landscape, with family activities too.

We are the Bartlett family; Martin, Joby and children Henry, Annabel and Georgina and together with Martin's parents Tom and Sheila, the farm has been home to our family for nearly 70 years.

We would love to see you soon, Martin and Joby

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Prices and Availability

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March 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Fri 25 MarTue 29 MarWeekendoccupied£575.00
Fri 25 MarFri 01 AprWeekoccupied£850.00
Tue 29 MarFri 01 AprMidweek£595.00£435.00

April 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Fri 01 AprMon 04 AprWeekend£610.00£450.00
Fri 01 AprFri 08 AprWeekoccupied£810.00
Mon 04 AprFri 08 AprMidweekoccupied£505.00
Mon 04 AprMon 11 AprWeekoccupied£810.00
Fri 08 AprMon 11 AprWeekend£545.00£450.00
Fri 08 AprFri 15 AprWeekoccupied£810.00
Mon 11 AprFri 15 AprMidweekoccupied£305.00
Mon 11 AprMon 18 AprWeekoccupied£520.00
Fri 15 AprMon 18 AprWeekend£455.00£415.00
Fri 15 AprFri 22 AprWeek£725.00£520.00
Mon 18 AprFri 22 AprMidweek£455.00£305.00
Mon 18 AprMon 25 AprWeek£725.00£520.00
Fri 22 AprMon 25 AprWeekend£455.00£335.00
Fri 22 AprFri 29 AprWeek£725.00£520.00
Mon 25 AprFri 29 AprMidweek£455.00£305.00

May 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Tue 03 MayFri 06 MayMidweek£455.00£275.00
Fri 06 MayMon 09 MayWeekend£495.00£355.00
Fri 06 MayFri 13 MayWeek£765.00£545.00
Mon 09 MayFri 13 MayMidweek£480.00£325.00
Mon 09 MayMon 16 MayWeek£765.00£545.00
Fri 13 MayMon 16 MayWeekend£495.00£355.00
Mon 23 MayFri 27 MayMidweek£480.00£325.00

June 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Mon 13 JunFri 17 JunMidweek£555.00£405.00
Mon 13 JunMon 20 JunWeek£830.00£625.00
Fri 17 JunMon 20 JunWeekend£525.00£375.00
Fri 17 JunFri 24 JunWeek£830.00£625.00
Mon 20 JunFri 24 JunMidweek£555.00£405.00
Mon 27 JunFri 01 JulMidweek£555.00£405.00
Mon 27 JunMon 04 JulWeek£830.00£625.00

July 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Fri 01 JulMon 04 JulWeekend£555.00£405.00
Fri 01 JulFri 08 JulWeek£940.00£725.00
Mon 04 JulFri 08 JulMidweek£645.00£500.00
Mon 11 JulFri 15 JulMidweek£645.00£500.00
Mon 11 JulMon 18 JulWeek£940.00£725.00
Fri 15 JulMon 18 JulWeekend£555.00£405.00
Fri 15 JulFri 22 JulWeek£940.00£725.00
Mon 18 JulFri 22 JulMidweek£660.00£500.00
Mon 18 JulMon 25 JulWeek£955.00£725.00
Fri 22 JulMon 25 JulWeekend£605.00£450.00
Mon 25 JulMon 01 AugWeekoccupiedoccupied
Fri 29 JulFri 05 AugWeek£1380.00£1140.00

August 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Mon 01 AugMon 08 AugWeekoccupiedoccupied
Fri 05 AugFri 12 AugWeek£1380.00£1140.00
Mon 08 AugMon 15 AugWeekoccupiedoccupied
Fri 12 AugFri 19 AugWeek£1380.00£1140.00
Mon 15 AugMon 22 AugWeekoccupiedoccupied
Fri 19 AugMon 22 AugWeekend£735.00£560.00
Fri 19 AugFri 26 AugWeek£1380.00£1140.00
Mon 22 AugFri 26 AugMidweek£880.00£705.00
Mon 22 AugMon 29 AugWeekoccupiedoccupied
Mon 22 AugTue 30 AugWeekoccupied£1240.00
Fri 26 AugTue 30 AugWeekendoccupied£685.00
Fri 26 AugFri 02 SepWeekoccupied£965.00
Tue 30 AugFri 02 SepMidweekoccupied£385.00

September 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Mon 05 SepFri 09 SepMidweek£555.00£405.00
Mon 05 SepMon 12 SepWeek£840.00£625.00
Fri 09 SepMon 12 SepWeekend£530.00£375.00
Fri 09 SepFri 16 SepWeek£840.00£625.00
Mon 12 SepFri 16 SepMidweek£555.00£405.00
Mon 12 SepMon 19 SepWeek£840.00£625.00
Fri 16 SepMon 19 SepWeekend£530.00£375.00
Fri 16 SepFri 23 SepWeek£840.00£625.00
Mon 19 SepFri 23 SepMidweek£555.00£405.00
Mon 26 SepFri 30 SepMidweek£555.00£405.00
Mon 26 SepMon 03 OctWeek£840.00£625.00
Fri 30 SepMon 03 OctWeekend£455.00£335.00
Fri 30 SepFri 07 OctWeek£725.00£520.00

October 2016

from until Stay Canvas Frills LodgeCanvas Lodge
Mon 03 OctFri 07 OctMidweek£455.00£305.00
Mon 03 OctMon 10 OctWeek£725.00£520.00
Fri 07 OctMon 10 OctWeekend£455.00£335.00
Fri 07 OctFri 14 OctWeek£725.00£520.00
Mon 10 OctFri 14 OctMidweek£455.00£305.00
Mon 10 OctMon 17 OctWeek£725.00£520.00
Fri 14 OctMon 17 OctWeekend£455.00£335.00
Fri 14 OctFri 21 OctWeek£725.00£520.00
Mon 17 OctFri 21 OctMidweek£455.00£305.00
Mon 17 OctMon 24 OctWeek£725.00£520.00
Fri 21 OctMon 24 OctWeekend£525.00£400.00
Fri 21 OctFri 28 OctWeek£970.00£755.00
Mon 24 OctFri 28 OctMidweek£655.00£500.00
Mon 24 OctMon 31 OctWeek£970.00£755.00
Fri 28 OctMon 31 OctWeekend£525.00£400.00


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