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Prices and Availability

East Shilvinghampton

Dorset, Weymouth

Nestling at the foot of a peaceful valley just a stone's throw from the impressive Chesil Beach, you will enjoy dramatic far-reaching views of the green and pretty Dorset countryside. Our tents are close-by the farmyard with cows, goats, pigs, hens, ducks and rabbits just a toddle away. Trying some of Joby’s home-made goodies is a must.

It's busy here animals and tractors to-ing and fro-ing, there is always something going on and always plenty to do. On the farm we grow a variety of crops and there are lots of animals to meet, like the beef suckler cows and calves, chickens, Labradors Tess and Ora, pet goats Trit and Trot, the ducks - Pit, Pat and Paddle, our son Henry's pigs and Pippin, the pony belonging to our two daughters Georgina and Annabel.

Feedback tells us that families love the setting of the tents as the children can play and roam freely and safely within sight and earshot of parents. After animal visits you may wish to forage in the hedges as they often yield abundant fruit, especially in the autumn. Look out too for foxes and their cubs, deer, hare and owls, all of which make their homes nearby. The farm larder is well stocked with lots of local produce and our own beef and pork. Joby's home-made goodies are not to be missed particularly her meringue roulade.

Walk the many beaches including nearby Chesil Beach, an 18 mile stretch of pebbled beach famously depicted in Ian McEwan's novel 'On Chesil Beach'.

We are the Bartlett family; Martin, Joby and children Henry, Annabel and Georgina and together with Martin's parents Tom and Sheila, the farm has been home to our family for nearly 70 years.

We would love to see you soon, Martin and Joby

The Feather Down Tent is an impressive 45m2 in size. Which means that 6 people can sleep in it comfortably (a maximum of 5 adults and one child up to 12 years).

In the tent, there is;

  • A double bed of 2.0 by 1.80 metres
  • A bunk bed of 2.00 by 0.90 metres per bed
  • A cupboard bed of 2.00 by 1.30 metres, suitable for 1 adult or 2 children.

In the tent you will not find any gas or electricity, no modern conveniences. So it is back to the good old days. In the tent you will be able to cook on your wood burning stove, or if the weather permits, you can cook outside....on the outdoor cooker. You won’t need to bring anything from home, everything is inside the tent: from plates to pots, pans to serving spoons. Bedlinen and pillows are included as well as a kitchen linen pack (tea towel and kitchen cloth). In your Tent you will find a flushing toilet on the farm you will find a nice communal shower block.


  • Bedlinen
  • Kitchen Linen Package
  • Parking
  • Reservation Costs
  • Cold running water
  • Wood for heating and cooking
  • Starter Pack Candles
  • Starter Pack Lamp Oil

Prices and Availability

Added Treats

Here you will find some unique Feather Down extra's to book in advance. Please note there are date restrictions on bringing a dog to some locations and hampers or meals will differ per location. Please check these details when booking.

  • The Honesty Shop
    All our Farms have a 'Honesty Shop' where you will find a basic range of products to purchase.

    The Honesty Shop
  • Home-made Meals
    Yummy homemade meals available to pre-order for your stay.

    Home-made Meals
  • Private Barn Hire
    To hire for a private function to get everybody together.

    Private Barn Hire
  • The Animal Paddock
    Here you should find a paddock where the smaller animals can be seen up close.

    The Animal Paddock
  • Splashing summer!
    Be surrounded by water during the summer holidays

    Splashing summer!
  • Farmer's soup
    All ingredients and supplies will be given to you to cook your own soup on the open fire

    Farmer's soup
  • Communal Chicken Coop
    All farms will have a communal chicken coop where you can go and gather eggs.

    Communal Chicken Coop
  • Childrens Furniture
    We have cots, highchairs and fireguards available at each Feather Down Farm.

    Childrens Furniture
  • Communal Wood-Fired oven
    The wood fired oven will be lit once during your stay and you will be able to cook anything from pizza and jacket potatoes to whole roasts.

    Communal Wood-Fired oven
  • Groups
    Having a get together/group gathering? this farm is very suitable for (large) groups

  • Dogs Welcome
    Dogs are welcome at the farm (max 2 per tent) if they are kept on a lead.

    Dogs Welcome
  • Near Water
    These farms have their own lake or are located near a beach or lake for lots of water play!

    Near Water
  • Ready Beddy
    If all you need on arrival is a cosy, made-up bed ready to collapse into, then Ready Beddy is for you.

    Ready Beddy
  • Farmers Soup or Stew
    The farmers will bring you all the ingredients for you to prepare a hearty meal.

    Farmers Soup or Stew

Prices and Availability

here you will find all available dates and the prices. Our set arrival and departure days are Fridays and Mondays.

September 2014 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
WeekendFri 19 Sep 2014Sun 21 Sep 2014occupied
WeekendFri 19 Sep 2014Mon 22 Sep 2014occupied
WeekFri 19 Sep 2014Fri 26 Sep 2014occupied
MidweekMon 22 Sep 2014Fri 26 Sep 2014£249.00
WeekMon 22 Sep 2014Mon 29 Sep 2014£539.00
WeekendFri 26 Sep 2014Sun 28 Sep 2014£275.00
WeekendFri 26 Sep 2014Mon 29 Sep 2014£299.00
WeekFri 26 Sep 2014Fri 03 Oct 2014£539.00
MidweekMon 29 Sep 2014Fri 03 Oct 2014£249.00
WeekMon 29 Sep 2014Mon 06 Oct 2014£539.00
October 2014 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
WeekendFri 03 Oct 2014Sun 05 Oct 2014£275.00
WeekendFri 03 Oct 2014Mon 06 Oct 2014£299.00
WeekFri 03 Oct 2014Fri 10 Oct 2014£539.00
MidweekMon 06 Oct 2014Fri 10 Oct 2014£249.00
WeekMon 06 Oct 2014Mon 13 Oct 2014occupied
WeekendFri 10 Oct 2014Sun 12 Oct 2014occupied
WeekendFri 10 Oct 2014Mon 13 Oct 2014occupied
WeekFri 10 Oct 2014Fri 17 Oct 2014occupied
MidweekMon 13 Oct 2014Fri 17 Oct 2014£249.00
WeekMon 13 Oct 2014Mon 20 Oct 2014£539.00
WeekendFri 17 Oct 2014Sun 19 Oct 2014£275.00
WeekendFri 17 Oct 2014Mon 20 Oct 2014£315.00
WeekFri 17 Oct 2014Fri 24 Oct 2014£445.00
MidweekMon 20 Oct 2014Fri 24 Oct 2014£265.00
WeekMon 20 Oct 2014Mon 27 Oct 2014£595.00
WeekendFri 24 Oct 2014Mon 27 Oct 2014£419.00
WeekFri 24 Oct 2014Fri 31 Oct 2014£789.00
MidweekMon 27 Oct 2014Fri 31 Oct 2014£469.00
April 2015 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
WeekendFri 03 Apr 2015Mon 06 Apr 2015occupied
WeekendFri 03 Apr 2015Tue 07 Apr 2015£499.00
WeekFri 03 Apr 2015Fri 10 Apr 2015£799.00
MidweekMon 06 Apr 2015Fri 10 Apr 2015occupied
WeekMon 06 Apr 2015Mon 13 Apr 2015occupied
MidweekTue 07 Apr 2015Fri 10 Apr 2015£399.00
WeekTue 07 Apr 2015Mon 13 Apr 2015£699.00
WeekendFri 10 Apr 2015Mon 13 Apr 2015£399.00
WeekFri 10 Apr 2015Fri 17 Apr 2015£799.00
MidweekMon 13 Apr 2015Fri 17 Apr 2015£499.00
WeekMon 13 Apr 2015Mon 20 Apr 2015£799.00
WeekMon 13 Apr 2015Tue 21 Apr 2015occupied
WeekendFri 17 Apr 2015Mon 20 Apr 2015£399.00
WeekendFri 17 Apr 2015Tue 21 Apr 2015occupied
WeekFri 17 Apr 2015Fri 24 Apr 2015£599.00
MidweekMon 20 Apr 2015Fri 24 Apr 2015£269.00
WeekMon 20 Apr 2015Mon 27 Apr 2015£499.00
MidweekTue 21 Apr 2015Fri 24 Apr 2015occupied
WeekTue 21 Apr 2015Mon 27 Apr 2015occupied
WeekendFri 24 Apr 2015Mon 27 Apr 2015£299.00
WeekFri 24 Apr 2015Fri 01 May 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 27 Apr 2015Fri 01 May 2015£269.00
WeekMon 27 Apr 2015Tue 05 May 2015£799.00
May 2015 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
WeekendFri 01 May 2015Tue 05 May 2015£599.00
WeekFri 01 May 2015Fri 08 May 2015£799.00
MidweekTue 05 May 2015Fri 08 May 2015£269.00
WeekTue 05 May 2015Mon 11 May 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 08 May 2015Mon 11 May 2015£329.00
WeekFri 08 May 2015Fri 15 May 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 11 May 2015Fri 15 May 2015£299.00
WeekMon 11 May 2015Mon 18 May 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 15 May 2015Mon 18 May 2015£329.00
WeekFri 15 May 2015Fri 22 May 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 18 May 2015Fri 22 May 2015£299.00
WeekMon 18 May 2015Mon 25 May 2015£799.00
WeekendFri 22 May 2015Mon 25 May 2015£499.00
WeekFri 22 May 2015Fri 29 May 2015£1049.00
MidweekMon 25 May 2015Fri 29 May 2015£649.00
WeekMon 25 May 2015Mon 01 Jun 2015occupied
WeekendFri 29 May 2015Mon 01 Jun 2015occupied
WeekFri 29 May 2015Fri 05 Jun 2015occupied
June 2015 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
MidweekMon 01 Jun 2015Fri 05 Jun 2015£299.00
WeekMon 01 Jun 2015Mon 08 Jun 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 05 Jun 2015Sun 07 Jun 2015occupied
WeekendFri 05 Jun 2015Mon 08 Jun 2015£329.00
WeekFri 05 Jun 2015Fri 12 Jun 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 08 Jun 2015Fri 12 Jun 2015£299.00
WeekMon 08 Jun 2015Mon 15 Jun 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 12 Jun 2015Sun 14 Jun 2015occupied
WeekendFri 12 Jun 2015Mon 15 Jun 2015£329.00
WeekFri 12 Jun 2015Fri 19 Jun 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 15 Jun 2015Fri 19 Jun 2015£299.00
WeekMon 15 Jun 2015Mon 22 Jun 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 19 Jun 2015Sun 21 Jun 2015occupied
WeekendFri 19 Jun 2015Mon 22 Jun 2015£329.00
WeekFri 19 Jun 2015Fri 26 Jun 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 22 Jun 2015Fri 26 Jun 2015£299.00
WeekMon 22 Jun 2015Mon 29 Jun 2015£599.00
WeekendFri 26 Jun 2015Mon 29 Jun 2015£349.00
WeekFri 26 Jun 2015Fri 03 Jul 2015£699.00
MidweekMon 29 Jun 2015Fri 03 Jul 2015£449.00
WeekMon 29 Jun 2015Mon 06 Jul 2015£699.00
July 2015 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
WeekendFri 03 Jul 2015Mon 06 Jul 2015£349.00
WeekFri 03 Jul 2015Fri 10 Jul 2015£699.00
MidweekMon 06 Jul 2015Fri 10 Jul 2015£449.00
WeekMon 06 Jul 2015Mon 13 Jul 2015£699.00
WeekendFri 10 Jul 2015Mon 13 Jul 2015£349.00
WeekFri 10 Jul 2015Fri 17 Jul 2015£699.00
MidweekMon 13 Jul 2015Fri 17 Jul 2015£449.00
WeekMon 13 Jul 2015Mon 20 Jul 2015£849.00
WeekendFri 17 Jul 2015Mon 20 Jul 2015£449.00
WeekFri 17 Jul 2015Fri 24 Jul 2015£949.00
MidweekMon 20 Jul 2015Fri 24 Jul 2015£549.00
WeekMon 20 Jul 2015Mon 27 Jul 2015£949.00
WeekendFri 24 Jul 2015Mon 27 Jul 2015occupied
WeekFri 24 Jul 2015Fri 31 Jul 2015£1099.00
MidweekMon 27 Jul 2015Fri 31 Jul 2015occupied
WeekFri 31 Jul 2015Fri 07 Aug 2015£1099.00
August 2015 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
WeekFri 07 Aug 2015Fri 14 Aug 2015£1099.00
WeekendFri 14 Aug 2015Mon 17 Aug 2015£549.00
WeekFri 14 Aug 2015Fri 21 Aug 2015£1099.00
MidweekMon 17 Aug 2015Fri 21 Aug 2015£699.00
WeekMon 17 Aug 2015Mon 24 Aug 2015£1099.00
WeekendFri 21 Aug 2015Mon 24 Aug 2015£549.00
WeekendFri 21 Aug 2015Tue 25 Aug 2015occupied
WeekFri 21 Aug 2015Fri 28 Aug 2015£1099.00
MidweekMon 24 Aug 2015Fri 28 Aug 2015£699.00
WeekMon 24 Aug 2015Tue 01 Sep 2015£1189.00
MidweekTue 25 Aug 2015Fri 28 Aug 2015occupied
WeekTue 25 Aug 2015Mon 31 Aug 2015occupied
WeekendFri 28 Aug 2015Mon 31 Aug 2015occupied
WeekendFri 28 Aug 2015Tue 01 Sep 2015£599.00
WeekFri 28 Aug 2015Fri 04 Sep 2015£919.00
MidweekMon 31 Aug 2015Fri 04 Sep 2015occupied
September 2015 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
MidweekTue 01 Sep 2015Fri 04 Sep 2015£369.00
MidweekMon 07 Sep 2015Fri 11 Sep 2015£269.00
WeekMon 07 Sep 2015Mon 14 Sep 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 11 Sep 2015Sun 13 Sep 2015occupied
WeekendFri 11 Sep 2015Mon 14 Sep 2015£299.00
WeekFri 11 Sep 2015Fri 18 Sep 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 14 Sep 2015Fri 18 Sep 2015£269.00
WeekMon 14 Sep 2015Mon 21 Sep 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 18 Sep 2015Sun 20 Sep 2015occupied
WeekendFri 18 Sep 2015Mon 21 Sep 2015£299.00
WeekFri 18 Sep 2015Fri 25 Sep 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 21 Sep 2015Fri 25 Sep 2015£269.00
WeekMon 21 Sep 2015Mon 28 Sep 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 25 Sep 2015Sun 27 Sep 2015occupied
WeekendFri 25 Sep 2015Mon 28 Sep 2015£299.00
WeekFri 25 Sep 2015Fri 02 Oct 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 28 Sep 2015Fri 02 Oct 2015£269.00
WeekMon 28 Sep 2015Mon 05 Oct 2015£499.00
October 2015 Stay from until Feather Down Tent
WeekendFri 02 Oct 2015Sun 04 Oct 2015occupied
WeekendFri 02 Oct 2015Mon 05 Oct 2015£299.00
WeekFri 02 Oct 2015Fri 09 Oct 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 05 Oct 2015Fri 09 Oct 2015£269.00
WeekMon 05 Oct 2015Mon 12 Oct 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 09 Oct 2015Sun 11 Oct 2015occupied
WeekendFri 09 Oct 2015Mon 12 Oct 2015£299.00
WeekFri 09 Oct 2015Fri 16 Oct 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 12 Oct 2015Fri 16 Oct 2015£269.00
WeekMon 12 Oct 2015Mon 19 Oct 2015£499.00
WeekendFri 16 Oct 2015Sun 18 Oct 2015occupied
WeekendFri 16 Oct 2015Mon 19 Oct 2015£299.00
WeekFri 16 Oct 2015Fri 23 Oct 2015£499.00
MidweekMon 19 Oct 2015Fri 23 Oct 2015£269.00
WeekMon 19 Oct 2015Mon 26 Oct 2015£579.00
WeekendFri 23 Oct 2015Mon 26 Oct 2015£349.00
WeekFri 23 Oct 2015Fri 30 Oct 2015£649.00
MidweekMon 26 Oct 2015Fri 30 Oct 2015£449.00


Based on 130 Customer reviews

Here you can read the customers reviews of the location. The score is based on the answers customers gave to the question: what is your overall valuation of your stay at this location?

Read all the customer's reviews here

  • 10
    stayed from 08-09-2014 to 12-09-2014

    Mr. Wilkinson

    We had a lovely holiday. Martin and Joby were very welcoming and we loved the 'honesty shop' which was well stocked with everything we needed. We would love to come back next year!

  • 10
    stayed from 08-09-2014 to 12-09-2014

    Mr. Wilkinson

    We had a lovely holiday. Martin and Joby were very welcoming and we loved the 'honesty shop' which was well stocked with everything we needed. We would love to come back next year!

  • 10
    stayed from 26-08-2014 to 29-08-2014

    Mrs. Ryan

    We had a great stay at East Shilvinghampton. Martin and Joby were briliant hosts, very friendly and helpful. The location was beautiful and despite it being a bit damp we had a superb farm tour and pizza evening. Would definitely go back again.

  • 10
    stayed from 01-09-2014 to 05-09-2014

    Mrs. Sanson

    We had a fabulous stay at East Shilvinghampton Farm in Dorset. It is a really beautiful location and we were made to feel very welcome by the hosts Martin & Joby. We loved being able to help with the animals, especially finding eggs in the hen house and bottle feeding the goats. The tent was superb and the beds were so comfortable, which is not what you expect from camping! We found ourselves really unwind from the pressures of busy lives and it was a true delight to be without TV, phones and computers. We cannot wait to go back and are already planning when that will be.

  • 10
    stayed from 18-08-2014 to 22-08-2014

    Mrs. Mccarron

    It was great. In the countryside and what seemed a million miles away from the hectic days we usually call 'normality'. We had a lovely time with the children feeding the animals, searching the hen pens for eggs and even teaching the kids how to fly kites. Anything we needed could be purchased or ordered from the honesty shop

  • 7.5
    stayed from 26-08-2014 to 29-08-2014

    Mrs. Arnold

    We all felt the farm didn't really offer enough to entertain the children. A tasteful play area would have been very welcome. We stayed in Shropshire last year and really didn't need to leave the farm due to the stream/woods/lake/fishing etc. I completely understand we had the beach nearby and the farm is in a completely different area but as the weather wasn't great we did feel that, apart from the goats, there was nothing else at the farm for the children.

  • 10
    stayed from 18-08-2014 to 22-08-2014

    Mr. Cohen

    East Shilvinghampton Farm. The setting of the tents was lovely. We enjoyed the rolling hills surrounding the farm, sunsets facing the tent door and picnic table and two fields of sheep, ponies and goats to wake up to and enjoy during the day. The stars at night were bright and unspoilt by light which was a lovely bonus. Martin and Joby made us feel welcome and at home on their farm making the week a relaxed one. Even Leonard the cat was welcoming and chose to visit our tent for cuddles and a long snooze on the sofa. The farm tour was interesting for the kids and grown ups - something for all to learn about farm economics and animal husbandry. The honesty shop was well stocked with anything from candles to marsh mallows. Morning orders of croissants, bread and pizzas worked really well. I really enjoyed the tent. It was well equipped for cooking on the wood burning stove (easy to light, quick to heat up and easy to cook on). The sofa and beds were very comfy and there was plenty of room to prepare and enjoy meals. Despite some strong, cold winds, we could make the tent snug without feeling cramped and uncomfortable. My two girls would like to suggest the addition of a toilet seat to the toilet, but they did seam to manage! The farm is really well located for the lovely coastal villages and beaches. Dorchester and Weymouth are close by, if you feel the need for town amenities. I hope we can go back sometime to enjoy it all over again!

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