Lancashire, Lancaster, LA2 9DJ

Dolphinholme, on the edge of the Forest of Bowland, is also only 20 minutes from the coast, and near the River Wyre, making a swim or paddle a very inviting prospect! The big play barn is also a big hit with children as well as the 2 hour/mile treasure, hunt much loved and acclaimed and which will open eyes to the beautiful countryside here. There is a children's orienteering course now too, across the big field in front of the tents so the children can tackle it safely by themselves while learning compass skills.

The Gorst family have farmed here for over 70 years. Today, they have calves to feed and pet in addition to their menagerie of hens, ducks, rabbits and 4 labradors Raven, Musto, Millie; Proc, a Jack Russel, Meg; and Harriet the cat. It’s very easy to fall in love with the place, so it’s hardly surprising that the Rough Guide to Camping in Britain quoted from the guest book: “This is the greatest holiday ever and I want to work here when I’m older’’.

By Dolphinholme, the Forest of Bowland, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, features a dramatic landscape of gritstone fells, deep valleys and peat moor that hosts a rich variety of upland bird-life. This farm is a fantastic natural playground for young and old alike. The play barn behind the tents will leave your local park in the shade, with straw bales, swing, sandpit and giant slide. The more adventurous can explore the farm's deciduous woodland that provides ample opportunities for den-building. The honesty shop is well-stocked to sustain you: don’t forget to try the farm's delicious cheese, yummy on some fresh bread.

You can easily take a trip to the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, the Forest of Bowland and the funfairs of Blackpool. The historical city of Lancaster is also nearby, as is Morecambe with its promenades and fabulous views across the bay.

We are the Gorst family and we've farmed here for over 70 years. Father and son, John and Mark, farm in partnership with Barbara and you'll receive a warm welcome from us all on arrival at Dolphinholme House Farm.

Hope to see you soon, John, Barbara and Mark

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May 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 30 MayFri 03 JunMidweek£599.00£699.00occupied

June 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 06 JunFri 10 JunMidweek£315.00£515.00occupied
Mon 06 JunMon 13 JunWeek£575.00£699.00occupied
Fri 10 JunMon 13 JunWeekend£345.00£485.00£585.00
Fri 10 JunFri 17 JunWeek£575.00£699.00£890.00
Mon 13 JunFri 17 JunMidweek£315.00£455.00£499.00
Mon 13 JunMon 20 JunWeekoccupied£699.00£890.00
Fri 17 JunMon 20 JunWeekendoccupied£485.00£585.00
Fri 17 JunFri 24 JunWeekoccupied£699.00£890.00
Mon 20 JunFri 24 JunMidweek£315.00£455.00£499.00
Mon 20 JunMon 27 JunWeek£575.00£699.00£890.00
Fri 24 JunMon 27 JunWeekend£345.00£485.00£585.00
Fri 24 JunFri 01 JulWeek£575.00£699.00£890.00
Mon 27 JunFri 01 JulMidweek£315.00£455.00£499.00
Mon 27 JunMon 04 JulWeek£510.00£699.00£890.00

July 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Fri 01 JulMon 04 JulWeekend£355.00£499.00£569.00
Fri 01 JulFri 08 JulWeek£599.00£799.00£899.00
Mon 04 JulFri 08 JulMidweek£430.00£599.00£649.00
Mon 04 JulMon 11 JulWeek£599.00£799.00occupied
Fri 08 JulMon 11 JulWeekend£355.00£499.00occupied
Fri 08 JulFri 15 JulWeek£599.00occupiedoccupied
Mon 11 JulFri 15 JulMidweek£430.00occupied£649.00
Mon 11 JulMon 18 JulWeekoccupiedoccupied£899.00
Fri 15 JulMon 18 JulWeekendoccupied£499.00£569.00
Fri 15 JulFri 22 JulWeekoccupied£799.00£899.00
Mon 18 JulFri 22 JulMidweek£430.00£585.00£649.00
Mon 18 JulMon 25 JulWeekoccupiedoccupiedoccupied
Fri 22 JulMon 25 JulWeekendoccupiedoccupiedoccupied
Fri 22 JulFri 29 JulWeekoccupiedoccupiedoccupied
Mon 25 JulFri 29 JulMidweek£495.00£660.00£780.00
Mon 25 JulMon 01 AugWeek£799.00£999.00£1299.00
Fri 29 JulMon 01 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00£795.00
Fri 29 JulFri 05 AugWeek£1015.00£1099.00£1399.00

August 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 01 AugFri 05 AugMidweek£655.00£810.00£899.00
Mon 01 AugMon 08 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00£1399.00
Fri 05 AugMon 08 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00£759.00
Fri 05 AugFri 12 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00£1399.00
Mon 08 AugFri 12 AugMidweek£655.00£810.00£899.00
Mon 08 AugMon 15 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00£1399.00
Fri 12 AugMon 15 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00£769.00
Fri 12 AugFri 19 AugWeek£1015.00occupied£1399.00
Mon 15 AugFri 19 AugMidweek£655.00occupied£899.00
Mon 15 AugMon 22 AugWeek£1015.00occupied£1399.00
Fri 19 AugMon 22 AugWeekend£550.00£675.00£769.00
Fri 19 AugFri 26 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00£1399.00
Mon 22 AugFri 26 AugMidweek£655.00£810.00£899.00
Mon 22 AugMon 29 AugWeekoccupiedoccupiedoccupied
Mon 22 AugTue 30 AugWeek£1015.00£1285.00£1499.00
Fri 26 AugTue 30 AugWeekend£675.00£835.00£965.00
Fri 26 AugFri 02 SepWeek£945.00£1175.00£1499.00
Tue 30 AugFri 02 SepMidweek£375.00£565.00£699.00

September 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Fri 02 SepMon 05 SepWeekend£345.00£490.00£590.00
Fri 02 SepFri 09 SepWeek£575.00£785.00£900.00
Mon 05 SepFri 09 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00£555.00
Mon 05 SepMon 12 SepWeek£575.00£785.00£900.00
Fri 09 SepMon 12 SepWeekend£345.00£490.00£590.00
Fri 09 SepFri 16 SepWeek£575.00£785.00£900.00
Mon 12 SepFri 16 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00£555.00
Mon 12 SepMon 19 SepWeek£575.00£785.00£900.00
Fri 16 SepMon 19 SepWeekend£345.00£490.00£590.00
Fri 16 SepFri 23 SepWeek£575.00£785.00£900.00
Mon 19 SepFri 23 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00£555.00
Mon 19 SepMon 26 SepWeek£575.00£785.00£900.00
Fri 23 SepMon 26 SepWeekend£345.00£490.00£590.00
Fri 23 SepFri 30 SepWeek£575.00£785.00£900.00
Mon 26 SepFri 30 SepMidweek£375.00£444.00£555.00
Mon 26 SepMon 03 OctWeekoccupied£785.00£900.00
Fri 30 SepMon 03 OctWeekendoccupied£419.00£515.00
Fri 30 SepFri 07 OctWeekoccupiedoccupiedoccupied

October 2016

arrivaldate departure date Stay Canvas LodgeCanvas Frills LodgeCanvas Frills + hot hub
Mon 03 OctFri 07 OctMidweekoccupiedoccupiedoccupied
Mon 03 OctMon 10 OctWeekoccupiedoccupiedoccupied
Fri 07 OctMon 10 OctWeekend£305.00£419.00£515.00
Fri 07 OctFri 14 OctWeek£465.00£675.00£785.00
Mon 10 OctFri 14 OctMidweek£275.00£399.00£499.00
Mon 10 OctMon 17 OctWeek£465.00£675.00£785.00
Fri 14 OctMon 17 OctWeekend£325.00£419.00£515.00
Fri 14 OctFri 21 OctWeek£465.00£675.00£785.00
Mon 17 OctFri 21 OctMidweek£275.00£399.00£499.00
Mon 17 OctMon 24 OctWeek£465.00£675.00£785.00
Fri 21 OctMon 24 OctWeekend£355.00£490.00£585.00
Fri 21 OctFri 28 OctWeek£680.00£920.00£1030.00
Mon 24 OctFri 28 OctMidweek£455.00£615.00£715.00
Mon 24 OctMon 31 OctWeek£680.00£920.00£1030.00
Fri 28 OctMon 31 OctWeekend£355.00£490.00£585.00


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